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PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS.EVERYONE FEELS DIFFERENTLY ABOUT SHARING A PARTNER------All MY answers on how I feel,will be at the end of my questions.-1.What are your feelings about sharing your partner?-2.Are you the jealous type,that couldn't handle seeing your partner being pleased or pleasing another?-3.Which one do you like the most,3-Somes,another couple or the more the merrier?-4.What part of the sharing do you like the most?-5.Are your orgasms more intense with other people watching,hearing the moaning and growning with the sound of bodies slapping together?-6.When sharing your partner in a 3-Some do you compete against one another?-7.If so how do you compete and why?-8.When sharing your patner is a camera or cam-corder involved?-9.If so why?-10.Do you use protection?-11.If not do have them show you test results from a Doctor?..........MY ANSWERS-1.My feelings,I love sharing my partner with others an he feels the same way as I do about sharing me.The key to sharing is communication,you have to able to talk to one another an thats about everything.Never hold something that bothers you inside.Talk about it.-2.Never been the jealous type,my man either or he wouldn't be doing it at all.I will say one thing though,I can't stand people who think their better than you are.Were all in this for the fun of sex.Also to make a friend or two.Everyone has their turn-ons an turn-off,its up to you to find them.Like what my man does to me might not work with someone else.-3.The more the merrier,its alway nice to have a wide sellection to pick from.But my favorite is two men at the same time(3-Somes).To have two cocks to take care of is the ultimate high for me.Knowing I can and will get those two cock off is pure pleasure for me.Nothing like a cock at each end.-4.For me its the look of the person my man is pleasing at the time.I get to see things you can't see,like his cock pumping in an out of a Hot,Wet pussy.Or the look on her face as my mans eatin her pussy.For him its the look on my face,seeing me being pleased an pleasing others.-5.I love to be watched while givin and recieving pleasure.The harmony of voices an the sound of bodies slapping together just adds to the sex high.And yes my orgasms are more intense.-6.Like I said in question 2,I can't stand people who think their better than you are.There is no reason to compete.Were into it to have fun,sex and make new friends.-7.No competing here.No competing,no reason to answer why -8.Always a camera involved.But if the people we are playin with don't want the camera,we do respect their wishes.But for the most part we like the camera in there.-9.We like the camera so we can look back on the good times we've had.But for the most part its to look back on the good times.-10. n 11.Aways use protection,unless they can show us proof from a Doctor that they are clean.We are an we want to stay that way........Well there are my answers to my questions.I hope you all give me your honest opinion on the subject.I really would like to know your feelings on it.Everyone has their own things in sex n life that gets them really turned on.Whats yours?I'll be writing a story about the past weekend.We were with old friends and it was to be the 4 of us but ended up with 6 of us.Believe me it was a blast.Its just a shame we only get to see them once a year,but well worth the wait.Till Next Time..Peace,Love-N-Lots Of Sex... Hotstuff

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Well,I take it people are afraid to answer a few Questions.Oh well,was just curious what people thought about sharing.I guess people don't like to share.Thats the way I'm reading it anyway.Well my answers are there,so you know what I think about it.

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I think it's like standing on a dock.
Lot's of folks would love to dive in... but are waiting to see someone they know go first.
Check my blog for thoughts on threesomes. -adventurepirate

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