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5/25/2006 9:00 pm

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My experience

Hi All,

I wanted to share this experience of mine with all u guys n beautiful babes. Go through it and 'N'Joy

It was yesterday night. I was alone in the home.I finished up my reading and was about to go to bed n this naughty idea
struck my mind.I was feeling horny n wanted to get rid of all my clothings to be in the beautiful b'day suit.So, in one
shot I got rid of all my cloths.There I am in one of the best dresses that can ever be designed
.I saw my figure in the mirror
and felt proud.My TIGER was comig out of the bush and started wagging. I allowd him to do so. Then I did a couple of round of
catwalk imagining all beautiful babes / sexy aunties are watching me and clapping. Then I switched off the lights and retired
to bed.
I was lying on the bed with my tiger roaring already.I was thinkin of my beautiful,buxom housemaid, those gargeous aunties
who are such a treat to watch,Those wonderful actressess, their revelaing clothes.those beautful babes,tight jeans, juicy thighs,
hips,electric mid rib region which are all I'm very much fan of
.I'm in such a beatiful dress. I think all the women irrespective
of their age,figure deserve this.They are giving us enough.Time to give back boys.I feel that's the max dress that I can put on
against such beautiful women community.Every men should be made to wear a max dress of b'day suit and should be availabe for use of
all the women for their use whenever they want.( Beauties,I'm ready to be such a slave)
. What do you think?.I was carassing my tiger
and fell into this wild dream only to come out when I had a great orgasm.It was one of the beautiful shots my tiger had fired and I
dedicate this to all sexy sirens.I drank a bit of it and applied it to all my body (Gals,it's aroma hm...).Purposely i didn't want
to clean up.
After a while I wanted to pass urine. In my home, toilet is outside.One has to walk a narrow passage which is visible to main
road and side buildings. I went there stark naked with only my slippers on.One of ny fantasy,I don't know whether some body watched me.
I came back, was still feeling horny and continued playing with tiger.........
Morning sun came out and time to take the bath.I went to the bathroom and kept all the windows and doors opened and started to take the
r. There is an apartment bathroom location and two gorgeous aunties in second floor came out to tap water and clean. I think
from there by bathroom is clearly visible as windows are open. My tiger was already smiling and continued to take the bath hoping that they
would have a view of mine. I didn't stare at them purposely ( Hi all aunties, what you wuld have done on seeing such a scene eager to hear.
I have doubt, do you like us to stare making our intentions clear
). Hope atleast one of them, particularly the one in pink nighty with jumbo
butts( I like thenm big) would have a got view of me. I came out of bathroom,naked, being happy and planing to continue the fun.

Guys, call it my luck or other wise ,one construction worker(obviuosly women), slender with ample shapes was washing clothes adjacent to my room's
window. I decided to play the trick.Opened the window fully and turned backwards ( my complete back,butts were visible to her did she tried to have a
chance).Then I put on my 85-cm,blue Smash bikini brief ( I like it to be minimal)
and put on the shirt and turned opposite. Went towards the window and
sae her smiling. Did she get me? guess. Well, I too gave a smile ( More than me it is my tiger who is very happy. Somehow I'm controlling him ) and dressd
up and rushed to the office. Planning to go early to give tiger what he deserves.




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5/26/2006 12:15 pm

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7/15/2006 5:19 am

You have entertained yourself and all members of AdultFriendFinder by narrating incidence which most of us have also experienced. Gls behave as if they are not very keen about looking at men,but they are capable to size up from distance itself. Many young girls when they meet discuss such things for amusement,they also use slangs/sex vocabulary freely like men. As you have said SEX,SEX & SEX only is right. I fully appreciate your blog, I also like nakedness among men & women. In some places you have described priced possession of a woman very nicely.Contribute more blogs like this,tere are readers interested in it.

Romantic, sexy-love warm hugs, enjoy sex 24/7 one on one, goup fun, watching porn together with joy

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