hotshavedcookie 30F
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10/8/2005 10:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


man when i was siging up for this thing i thought it was like another myspace, but its not its for sex which isnt a bad thing, but i was also wondering if everyone here is looking for sex, or someone cool to meet and hangout with?

rm_endwar_at_hm 42M

10/8/2005 12:36 pm

not everyone is looking for sex i guess. i lot of people are... i personally wwould be happy with meeting cool people here.



who knows what will happen later right?


rm_pchamp012004 55M
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10/8/2005 1:26 pm

This is a sex site, but the blogging community is a hodgepodge collection and you will find everything from fantasy to poetry to politics, religion, cooking, health and of course sex. Enjoy browsing the blogs for a while and you can track the blogs of your favorites. Enjoy

1nitestand69699 33M
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10/8/2005 1:32 pm

i think most people are looking for just sex, but i think most people (like myself) would be happy with meeting new people to hangout with.

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10/8/2005 3:13 pm

hey ya... u wanna leave me ur number?

doit4joy 59M
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10/8/2005 4:36 pm

I would say....
Most of guys here looking for sex,
(yes, sex is good motivator, wonderful achievement feel after sex)
however, to reach that destination, need a lot of effort.
It is much easier to find partner in subway than here.

rm_alotohandle2 49M

10/8/2005 11:41 pm

It may be a sex site but I think it's members are just looking to meet people such as myself yet they have a more open understanding of sex is all.

rm_lovehyatt 36M

10/11/2005 9:30 am

hmm..i think most of us are here to meet new people..and a percentage of those new people..will have sex..or something..

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