juices part II  

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8/30/2005 11:54 pm

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juices part II

We open the door to my house and quietly go inside so as not to wake anyone up since it is late. I shut the door behind me and as I turn around to talk to her, she slides her hand around the back of my neck and firmly pulls me toward her for a long, sensual kiss. I cant' help but think about how wet I'm getting and how badly I want to taste her. We make our way to the couch and I gently push her down on the cushions. She spreads her legs just enough for me to see that she's not wearing panties with her garters. She asks me if I want to touch her and I reply "yes, very badly". She laughs a knowing laugh and spreads her legs wider so I can see her pretty pink pussy. She licks her finger and slides it over her clit so I can see how wet she is. Her pussy glistening in the low light of the room. I take my hands and run them up the back of her legs until I reach the crest of her ass. I take my thumbs and press them against her pussy lips to spread them wider for better access. "Oh, yes!" she says to me with a desperate look in her eye, " please touch me there!"I bend down and put my quivering tongue just between her clit and her sweet little honey hole. She squirms with pleasure as I slowly drag my tongue upwards towards her belly. I continue to do this slowly, steadily driving her towards the inevitable. She tastes like sugar, just as I thought she would. Her pussy is so wet and slippery I think I will lose my mind! I slide a finger inside of her while licking, licking, licking and I find that spot. That one spot that makes me go nuts and I wonder if it does the same to her. She arches and moans as if she's just about to cum and I pull back for a minute. I don't want this to end! I want an audience for this! I tell her not to cum yet so my husband can enjoy our experience also. I look toward the stairs and he just happens to be sitting on them, watching the whole show with a giant grin. Our biggest fantasy is coming true! I ask her if its okay for him to join and fuck me while I'm enjoying her lovely, sweet pussy. She replies "Of course, that's why I came with you!" I am so wet from the experience so far that my pussy is just about dripping with anticipation! He gets behind me and lifts my skirt ( I'm not wearing anything under it either!) and slides a finger inside my juicy hole. I resume my oral pleasuring of my lovely lady with a passion I've never felt before. Our breath is starting to get faster and faster. I feel like I'm about to explode myself if I don't get some cock soon! My man gets on his knees behind me and slides his cock into me with a giant thrust. I gasp for air. I have never had such a wonderful experience before! My face buried in a beautiful, pink pussy and my own cunt full of cock, who could ask for better?

to be continued...

inaCube 48M

8/31/2005 11:02 pm

Great story. Keep it going. You sure do know how to leave us wanting more.

Suzy4fun69 49

9/5/2005 8:10 am

Very nice. We will have to bring this story to life.

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