creative juices flowing now!!!!  

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8/26/2005 12:23 pm

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creative juices flowing now!!!!

Thanks for the good comments on my story, guys. I guess real life can be more fun than fantasy. I think my next project will be to write the fantasies and then make them come true.
It does help to have such a supportive man in my life who wants me to realize my dreams and encourages me to share them. Thank you, baby from so far away. Anyway, may have to write this next one in parts...

While sitting at a bar nursing my Jack and Coke, I see her from across the bar. She is dressed in black and red (of course) with fishnet stockings, stiletto heels with ankle straps and short,tight pencil skirt that when she bends over to play pool shows a hint of red garters underneath. She has long, dark hair that she has to pin up to make her shot. She has that kiss me or kill me look in her bright eyes that makes both men and women melt. I cant help but stare because of her amazing sex appeal.

I buy her a drink and she comes and sits next to me after her game is over and says "Thank you very much for the cocktail." She asks me my name and if I'm taken. I reply, I am married to a wonderful man who lets me play with the ladies if I want to. "ooh," she replies, in a voice that just drips honey, "and where is he tonight?"
"At home, watching the kids so I can go have some fun." I tell her. This whole exchange is getting me excited about the possibilities of actually bringing this gorgeous creature home for us to possibly share. We have a few more drinks and go outside to hail a cab. I ask her if she wants to come home with me and have some fun. She says " Of course, why do you think I was drinking with you? We can let your husband watch..." Wow, I think, this is a dream come true for me!
We get a cab for the ride home and both sit in the back of the cab together. She moves closer to me. She smells like sugar and I wonder if she tastes like sugar too. She leans in and gives me a kiss. I can see the cab driver's brows go up and I know he can't keep his eyes on the road. Two beautiful women making out in the backseat? Every man's fantasy. She kisses me again and slides her hot tongue between my lips very slowly. Our tongues slide together in a slow, rhythmic movement as I slide my hand up her leg to the top of her stockings and feel the heat between her legs. She gasps quietly and tells me to wait until we get to my house... To be continued...

inaCube 48M

8/26/2005 5:02 pm

A very interesting start. Please finish, so I can...ummm...finish.

Suzy4fun69 50

8/29/2005 9:31 pm

Right on. You go girl.

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