I love whisky...  

hotred6970 47M/46F
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10/18/2005 7:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I love whisky...

Now, I just wanted to post about whiskey at least once here. Whisky can be my best friend or my worst enemy. And it depends on the whisky. Now, JD gets me happy and frisky, but Bushmills gets me naked every time. Doesnt matter if it's in public or private. In fact, Im having a dram of scotch right now and am planning on getting naked asap! I have photos promised to J and a few others around here ofme and my glass toy. I think you know who you are... Oh, and I want to write another experience down too so, dram, smoke, shower, masturbation, photos and blog in that order...see ya soon...

RebornFromAsh 49M

10/18/2005 8:58 pm

Jack Daniels was the drink of choice for me when I was in the service. I used to drink a half a gallon or 500ml bottle every weekend by myself. It was a ritual, we all had our drinks of choice. It was great, I never got hang overs from it and was a super fun when drunk.

A freind moved me to JimBeam and after one night of partying on Beam, I got sicker than a dog and after that I just couldn't drink Jack the same way. I moved to a single barrel after that and then later to Crown which was much smoother. Being a fun drunk on Jack was like being a sex magnet, I was turning down some women that didn't fit into my ideal sex partners.

After the Beam incident, I could never really drink like I did and eventually became a lite weight and the fun drunk was gone. Those were the days.

mnfun952 102M

10/19/2005 3:06 pm

Damn...and you like Whiskey too??? I love you!!

JD or JB is great with coke...if you're going down that path... when it comes to scotch.. a little Tallisker...


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