Reputation & Respect  

hotones0001 38M/45F
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7/20/2005 12:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Reputation & Respect

I dunno about you but being a Swinger isn't easy. 'Specially when you recognize someone from this website or another labeled as a "SWINGER" in public somewhere. Has this happened to you? Have you recognized someone? What did you do or say?

Its happened to us many times but we're not disrespectful. We've never pointed or giggled but have on many occasion stopped and had a friendly conversation. Then there's some people have disrespected the first rule of thumb : Discreet

Needless to say someone who recognizes another must remain "at ease" with themselves, not too mention keeping their composure, unless you can maintain a respectful, mature self. We've seen many walking around the stores, out at dinner yadda yadda yadda but when you make it a point to "call someone out" its not cool and very rude.

Right then and there does discreet go out the door. Knowing as many couples as we do, all over the states...who do not advertise their sexuality on websites and choose to remain behind closed doors ; find their own kind sometimes right at work or as neighbors or at a fresh veggie stand.

I've been at a checkout grocery store, with my kids loading up food onto the conveyer belt...when the beautiful female cashier handed me her number on a piece of paper. Come to find out, her lover was the Manager and while he was instructing some employees to stock some juice I walked by, with the kids, picking out juice and he immediately ran to her and said for her to beckon me to her checkout...eventually it all worked out in everyones favor.

We've become to realize this "sort-of secret society" is all about reputation & respect, being discreet has to be the first rule of thumb ; maybe that's just us though. How about you? What are your thoughts on this subject?

smoochies ; )

SatisFakshen 37M

7/24/2005 11:55 am

It's all about how slick you are. As long as you are slick about the situation, things work out wonderful. It's when people come up to you and say, "hey I saw you on AdultFriendFinder before and I loved your naked pics on there" is when you you feel like you want to smack that person upside the head.

hotones0001 38M/45F

7/25/2005 10:37 am

SatisFakshen - oh my...that's never happened to us but we have seen other couples and just smiled. We've waved after they waved at us or stopped and talked. We've never personally pointed someone out...ever and never would. One guy did make it a point to walk up to my husband AT WORK! He wanted hubby to know it was him. It was rather disturbing. So we changed our preferences from "select few single males and females" to "NO SINGLE MALES AND FEMALES" and now its, if you are a single male or female you must have a partner to share.

smoochies ; )

AlienPussey 42F
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8/27/2005 7:55 pm

If your talking about the Superstore in sure to have
it "Double Bagged" if you're practicing safe sex....those flimsy bags are dangerous...I prefer Sobeys...their bags are good for 100 thousand humps

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