a twist on miss marry had a steam boat  

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12/15/2005 5:34 pm

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a twist on miss marry had a steam boat

I just found this poem in one our fellow bloggers blogs. If you found this funny please swing by to Bardicman and check him out. Yes I stole this from him but I couldn’t help myself I found something funny and wanted to pass it along.

I bit her on the nipple
She slapped me on the head
I gave her ear a tug
she kicked me in the spread
She grabbed my little pecker
And gave a mighty tug
I think she meant to jerk it off
and slide it under a rug
I grabbed her by her muff
and with a little yank
I spun her ass around
And offered it a spank
She nuzzled on my neck
my ear her tongue did probe
when I began to wiggle
she bit off my earlobe
I inserted a big butt plug
she gave a little grunt
she threw me on the floor
and made me eat her cunt
she was bouncing on my face
like it was a see-saw
I think she broke my nose
and dislocated my jaw
We were yelling and a screaming
The neighbors called a cop
that fucker came and rang the bell
and made our asses stop.

wandering207 59M

12/16/2005 8:31 am

Sounds like fun!

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