How many is too many??  

hotnympho81 35F
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10/19/2005 7:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How many is too many??

My question for the day is in a week what would be considered to many guys/girls to have had sex with? I've read some blogs where they have slept with five or more in a week. I'm not saying its a good or bad thing. Because I personally have had sex with as many as 3 different guys in one week. Yes we did use protection incase anyone wanted to know.

Are there really people out there who make it a habit of sleeping with someone new every night? If I find something good I tend to hold on to it. I'm a bit of a sexaholic, if you will, and would have sex all week long if I could. If it where at all possible I would find me some hottie and just lock him up in the basment. His only job would to have sex with me when ever I wanted. I guess a sex slave would be the right term of him. Anywho, I would love to hear any and all comments for those of you who read this.

AlbertPrince 58M

10/28/2005 12:42 am

What do you mean "if it were at all possible"??? Here I am, come and get me.

hotnympho81 35F

10/28/2005 6:41 pm

So you would'nt mind living in my basement and used as my sex slave?!?! Well then how soon can you be here?

inthebathjoinus 44M/39F
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10/31/2005 11:05 am

hey there we love many different partners it enhances our persnal sex life and its a great way to gain some really good and close friends.we'd love to join you in on the fun!

rm_cumsplurge 56M

11/22/2005 4:07 am

You would lock this person up?

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