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1/16/2006 10:36 am

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Another hotel room! Yes, I don't host, don't like going to somebody elses place because you never know what is going on with unannounced visitors or hidden video cams so hotel rooms are my favorite. Anyway, in Holiday Inn In Countrywide two days ago, had already made arrangements with another hot cd girl for hot slut fun that night. I arrived early, took about hour to really get ready with makeup hair and dressed to fucking kill in red 7 inch platforms with white lace top anklets, white lace panty and new red top i just had purchased. At about 7 pm Jeanna shows up, I was impressed, hops in the bathroom and gets all dressed up. when she came out, absolutely unreal, totally hot, extremely slutty, long legs and a short short fucking skirt. It didnt take me long to have her hike it up an inch or so to expose her hot clitcock. unreal, no panty at that moment was going to cover it. about 9 inches, thick, cut and dripping wet. i love playing the dom bitch but i just had to get down on my knees and get that fucking clit into my mouth as quickly as possible. put my mouth directly on the tip immediately and got about 3 inches into my mouth to the back of my throat and began to suck up and down while hold the base with my hand, fuck she tasted so good, pulled my mouth off the head and began to lick n suck the entire clit up and down to her balls everything smooth totally fucking shaved, with a hot fucking little girl tight ass it was so hot. her g string even made it totally hotter. pushed Jeanna back on the bed and made her pull her legs back behind her head exposing her tight bitch smooth pink girl fuckhole. a dab of ky on it and i was pressing my own condom covered clit up against her hole and slowly pushing in. i couldnt wait, this bitch had to get fucked now not later, she was absolutely in heat, spread open under me, with that please please fuck me look on her face. in my clit pushed deeper and deeper, i pumped this sweet sexy cd slut girl in and out all the while pumping her own 9 inch clit with my hand as she moaned and fucking squirmed under her hot lez cd girl lover. she was a total fem slut, whimpering and moaning all the while it didnt take long for me to tense up push her legs all the way back and within a second began pumping my sweet sticky hot n wet girl cum out of my clit into her hot fucking slut hole. fuck, load after fucking load shooting into the condom, wishing it was her pussy i was pumping it into. She had taken over her own clit and within the next 30 seconds began to spray her own girl cream out of her clit all over her flat tummy and bra with just a shot of it making her face.

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Mm.. you got me craving a wet pussy.. i love using my tongue.. and i always want to give before recieving.

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Girl come back and post!

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