its monday =0  

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5/1/2006 11:42 am
its monday =0

Well its monday..I know most other people hate mondays..I love them I am soooo glad its here!! The weekend was long,didnt get alot of sex!!Now I (we) can get back to looking for fun on AdultFriendFinder..I did get a few emails this morning soo that is gr8 =)Right now there are 2 ladies I HOPE TO MEET..They both are very VERY hot So im keeping my fingers crossed.

SOOO now let me tell you about, in the bedroom this morning!! The hubby and I had a sexual session this morning..But damn talk about OVER CHARGED!!( Keep in mind I mnot a morning person )..He waits untill he knows I am at my weak point ( streching ), jumps on my belly and says..Dont move , dont scream , no one can hear you!!H e reaches under his pillow gets handcuffs, cuffs me to the headbored(this i dont like),he has this evil smile, you know the one when you say shit IM IN TROUBLE!!!!He puts a leather harness on my left thigh, and hooks that to my arm,witch is with my hands cuffed to head bored..Grabs rope frm under the bed ties my right leg to my other arm..So picture this..Hands cuffed to headboared..Thigs and legss tied to my arms, so if i pull to much, I pull or strech something( dont like pain, but im soaking FUCKEN WET)..I am all spread on my bed pussy exposed..So Im tryin to be pissed at him tell him to let me up, but im ready for the fuck of my life..The jackass leaves the room!!Now I really am pissed off!! He returned with the digi cam..So Im cussin up a storm..He takes a few pics of me.Im to the point of cryng..He returns and says thats the way he wants to see it..Not that fake stuff I tryed to pull..He the gets on the bed with me..Gives me the fuck of my life, he took my pussy first untill it was very veryraw, i dont think I could have cum anymore.5 TIMES, its not alot Ihave cum more, but they were soo hard and long!!.You ladies know what I mean when I say, they felt sooo good, I didnt want them to end,they hurt but in a GOODWAY!!Yes that was it

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