Hotnsexy---thursday ..3 strikes your out !!  

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4/27/2006 3:37 pm
Hotnsexy---thursday ..3 strikes your out !!

Well here it is almost the end of the week =)..I cant wait for that to finally get here just 1 more day..Things didnt go well for me (us) this week on the site(AdultFriendFinder)..1st it sucks being a free member,you are very very limited!! Not many pple we talk to you , whisper you , email ya when you are free..2nd living in the area Im (we) are in well lets ust say its not the hot spot for swinging/or ladies wanting cples..Thought we found one, she flaked!! Its all good though I will be back startin mondy morning looking all over again..havin fun doing it=)

p.s. for you smartasses LoL. Money is tight!! With gas being STUPIDLY priced, and other bills this has to wait

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