When Words aren't enough  

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11/14/2005 5:54 am

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When Words aren't enough

Good Morning, What in the world do you say to someone that has been an important part of your life for over 30 years dying of cancer. Even when my husband and I was separated, she was there. In all reality we are closer than my husband and her. She been my friend, my confidant. She knows what I've been through and always had a shoulder there when I needed her. Now she is in Florida alone without family there. Only her husband and her. The only family she has left is my family. She wasn't lucky like I was and had kids. This woman has so much spunk and life in her. I wish I knew the right words to say to her now that she needs me, or all of her family. Not being able to get down there hurts and she understands that, but at the same time I know she is hurting inside more ways in one. Pancreatic cancer usually takes a life fairly quickly and we were told maybe she has just a couple of months left. She has overcome a lot of hurdles in her life and she is a strong willed person so I am holding out hope a miracle will happen. I just pray she knows just how much I care and if its to be I hope she doesn't suffer long. That sounds awful to say but speaking from my heart. It hurts to sit back and watch knowing your hands are tied when its someone you care for.

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11/14/2005 7:15 am

Sorry to hear about that .......... just be there for her when u can if u are thinking of here call her no matter what time
send cards send anythin gthat will make her smile......... sometimes if you are close no words need to be said........ And if you could i would go............ i worked in hospital and no fun seeing someone go thru this espically someone that is dear to you... keep a smile..................

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