Its an Update with lawyer and Back  

hotlegscouple 67M/62F
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11/7/2005 10:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Its an Update with lawyer and Back

Its been awhile since I've been online so here I am trying to catch up. Hmmmm, well lets see. I can say that I went and seen my lawyer concerning my back problem. I went away very disappointed but not totally lost. I didn't know I only had a year to file a lawsuit in court from the time I've seen that doctor the last time. My time is closing in on that one. He told me he needs more proof, needs me to get that test I need and then see if it will prove the doctor screwed up. Or a doctor that will say the surgeon who worked on my back screwed up. He tells me the doctor who did the surgery owes it to me to see me and we told him we can't find him. so he says wait let me see if I can. He comes out and says well I found him but not a phone number but information should have it, give him a call. Ok fine we called information and no dr, merritt. at the address or no dr with that name at all in indiana. the address he found was for a physical therapy place in which I did call and they said he isn't here and never heard of him. Well, if they lawyer has a bogus address he found for this doctor, what does that say now. So where in the hell do I go now. I know I turned him in to the medical board and went and filed a complaint with the insurance commissioner for the state of ohio. So will have to wait and see. Well I am tired and its 1am and have to be up early. Will try and write more later. Was in a hurry so hope this makes sense......chris

rm_fun4now1203 50M
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11/12/2005 7:32 am

Hey Christine! Sure hope you get your back issue resolved. Doesn't sound like your having a whole lot of success yet. Be patient, it'll get better. Sure hope the back problem isn't interfering with the sex life! Ha! Take care, hope to chat more soon!

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