Dreams and Desires  

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10/2/2005 7:56 am

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Dreams and Desires

Many emotions, many dreams and desires in life. People go through life experiencing many dreams and desires. But how many of them truly come true. Where would you be if you couldn't dream. How does one truly fullfill there desires in life. Do dreams become a reality, or are they just your mind winding down after being on the run all day. People desires can be defined in so many ways. I myself long for so much, I want that inner peace, if that makes any sense. Wanting or needing something in my life that is missing, you know your life is missing something but can't seem to find or fullfill it, to satisfy that desire or need you have or want so much. Not saying I'm not happy in my marriage for the most part i am but know I myself as a person, an individual is missing something. A need that needs fullfilled. To crave for something you want but not within your reach. Afraid of hurting someone you really don't want to do. Wanting them to understand its not them but you. That emotional need that everyone needs, its a part of life. I am sure I am not alone on this, in fact I would say there are a lot of people that feel the same way. One day I hope to say I found it whatever it is. On a personal level my life has been on a roller coaster the last 6 months maybe that is a part of why I am feeling this way, but know its there and where do I go from here.

Himinthemiddle 67M/67F

10/4/2005 1:49 pm

Wow you are a very deep person when you write! These are what I think and may not be what other think. But sometimes when we are on a roller caster ride, I think we look for something to make our life more stable. Somewhere between the peaks more or less! We hate to say anything to the ones we love because we are not sure how they will react! When things are going well we have no problem with speaking our minds! But I think we all need and have dreams. Because if we have no dream we only have a rut that we live in! We are no longer humans and just walk though live like machines. We also have desires I think that we hide even from our selves. Waiting to be released! I hope I am on the right track when I say this. I think we are the only ones that can make anything happen. We can't wait for someone else to do them for us! Our mates ro childern parents or friends! We have to be responsible for our selves.
I hope I haven't bored you with my thoughts. Because they are mine. And it is not simple!

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