When no turns to yes  

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10/22/2005 1:24 pm

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When no turns to yes

Were were parked and making out for at least an hour.

My first long term relationship was about to end due to the fact she was going to Cedar Falls and I was going back to Iowa City.

She was a year younger by class but the same age at 18 years-old.

My cock was in her hand and stroking it hard. She hadn't seen me cum yet, but had my cock in her mouth several times that summer.

I knew how she tasted, and we were both naked. I had actually just finished sucking on he taint (before I knew what it was) and I was lining up to what would be my first entry of her (and anyone else).

I had thought she was a virgin (later discovered she wasn't) and I was definately as I lined up and pressed against her wet pussy lips.

My lips still dripping with her wetness I kissed her hard and pushed forward.

She muttered "No", as my cock slipped under her and not inside.

I lifted my face and smiled and looked deep in her eyes. She did not protest as I searched for her again, letting my erect cock search.

I felt the velvet of her lips and my head started entering.

"No" I hear again, "I'm not sure".

My cock stayed there, she didn't pull away, in fact she kissed me as I pushed forward a little more to feel my head enter her.

"We shouldn't, we're not going to see each other."

I pulled back a little, the head popped back out, but rested barely on the lips of her ready, throbbing, pussy.

I looked deep into her eyes and THRUST myself inside of her.

Her eyes got big and I kissed her hard as I slid deeper and deeper inside of her.

She moaned with delight and said (cliche I know) "Oh yes!"

I rocked her back and forth, letting my cock leave her before entering each time.

I pushed forward and all of a sudden the pain was great as my head hit her taint and my cock bent over against the weight of my body.

I screamed, but repositioned and thrust inside of her unmercifully.

SUE cried out again and I worked my numb cock as long as I could. Good thing the pain numbed me from cumming as she had no protection and we later figured (on the drive home) that she was at a very fertile period of her cycle.

We fucked for a long time, she enjoying every minute while I was in pain, but loving the feeling of a hot pussy.

I know my last two posts may have some of you questioning my sexuality. I shared those as an outlet and a forum to get some things out. I know I love women and the feel of they're hot bodies against mine, their pussy around me cock and their taste in my mouth. If I were a women I'd be a straight lesbian as I love everything about a woman's body.

Sue had a great body, skinny with small but right sized breasts and nipples. I didn't cum and we sat under the stars of Iowa naked and wondering what the future held.

Then the grace of the moment turned back to desire as she wanted to see my cum finally and sucked me till I came. Some got her face, but most on my legs. She marvelled at the warmth and didn't taste it (not that time anyway). She also marveled at the bruise on my cock from the folding with we fucked.

My very first time was awesome and Sue and I had more fun (to be continued some time later)

How about your first?

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