The Yacht Cum Club  

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11/10/2005 9:02 pm

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The Yacht Cum Club

She was standing, staring up at the 60 ft vessel that was taking up a good portion of the bayside dock. She was almost looking for someone on board, raising up her model legs on her tip toes looking in the windows and walking back to see if anyone was on deck.

I paused, adjusted myself in my boxers, and moved in.

“Sure a Beauty,” I said, moving in on her right side.

“Excuse me,” she said, checking me out head to toe, guessing I’m sure that I was definitely wearing boxers. “It’s nice.”

”No it’s a Beauty,” I fired back pointing now at the name just visible on the side life boat.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” She said grinning and embarrassed. “I thought….well, nice yacht, obviously yours…I have to get goin…”

“No wait, you were looking for someone, and since I would remember an elegant, gorgeous woman like yourself,” I grinned and continued. “You’re not looking for me. Obviously not, I mean.”

“It’s stupid,” she said, now really embarrassed.

I took her hand and she looked up into my eyes. “Why don’t you come aboard and you can tell me about it.”

Now, her figure was incredible. I could tell she jogged or walked everyday and did crunches galore. Her face was extraordinary and I placed her around 37 years-old, could be younger, could be older. The short sun dress she wore accented her tan but somewhat light skin. I held her hand as she boarded, watching her sweet ass contract and flex. I was guessing no panties as well.

“Beauty…” she said half questioning.

“The name, oh, well I wrote a book,” I said. “And…

“Beauty, Desire and Love….I read it last year,” she said excitedly. “You’re Vince Francis! I knew you looked familiar.”

“Oh now my cover’s gone,” I said sheepishly.

I poured us some wine and we talked about the book, about her dreams, about the man on the yacht (similar to mine) she was looking for and how he stood her up two days straith.

“Desire,” I said. “And definitely Beauty. You’re lucky, you know?”

“How’s that? Oh, and where does Beauty fit in?” She said leaning back, her right breast ¾ exposed, the nipple holding the rest inside the fabric of her thin dress.

“You flirt! You’re Beauty, His Beauty,” I fired back. “And your lucky because you’ll now always have Desire!”

“Hmmmm” she said smiling over the top of her glass.

“Now,” I said pouring her some more wine. “Would you like a tour?”

Without words she gracefully moved quickly out of her seat and offered me her hand with the most devilish of grins.

To speak would have ruined it at that point. I countered with a grin of my own and offered her my arm. Her warm hand moved up my forearm to my bicep as we stepped up to the deck.

She led as we ascended the ladder to highest part of the ship and I could definitely see she didn’t have any panties on and the bottom of her pussy was well shaven. My Woody sprung to life and I adjusted it again, feeling the precum cool and wet against my thighs now.

She looked out over the Bay and at the people on the dock. Her eyes were lit up as I put my hands at her waist and turned her to me. Those lit eyes met mine, which were filled with Desire now, and our lips soon followed.

We kissed just like that. My hands on her waist, her hands on the rails as my body pinned her against them. Our hair blowing in the steady breeze from the Bay. Gulls and people and other ships mixed with the waves lapping at the hull of Beauty.

Sensing the publicness of our position I broke our kiss and led her down the ladder. This time as she looked up she could see (what she probably felt) my hard cock pushing against the slacks of my suit.

We continued down into the Cabin and before I could show her around she attacked the buckle on my belt as her lips slammed into mine. Before I could taste the wine on her lips she had slid my slacks down.

“Desire” she whispered close in my ear as her hand reached in my boxers and found my cock. “This is what I most desire.” And with that she slid down my body to her knees.

I tried to sit back in a nearby chair, but she wouldn’t let me go. “Stand baby, it’s better…” And I listened.

She worked my boxers down and let it hang perpendicular to my body and she quickly slipped out of her sun dress. Seeing her sculpted body brought me to a position more pointing towards the sun.

She put her face besides my cock as I lost my shirt, tie and jewelry and she slowly slid up so her breasts were split by it and farther up where she now faced me again. We kissed exploring our mouths with our tongues and our bodies with our hands. Still standing she pinned my now pulsating cock between as as she now pulled me closer by cupping my ass.

“Desire,” I now whispered, trying to connect to her previously saying it and she smiled before reaching down and hold me in her hand again. She covered it with two hands before looking around the room. She spotted something, but all was forgotten when she…

Lifted and pressed my cock up against my stomach and dropped her face below it to take one of my balls in her mouth.

“Ohhhhh my….” I moaned as she now switched to the other. “Yess, oh…Yess.”

Her hand began to stroke my shaft as she went back and forth between the two occasionally taking them both in. I began to tremble a bit as her hand was working me pretty good, precum all over it.

“No, no, no you don’t” she said after releasing both my balls and shaft and jumping towards the cabin cooler. “You’re not cumming that quickly!” She said opening it and removing some ice which were quickly popped into her mouth.

I was disappointed to feel the cool rush of the ice and not the hot wetness of her mouth, but I would have blew all over her face had she not done that. After several minutes of numbing the ice melted and she was taking me in and out of her mouth at a quick pace.

Still standing, I put my hands in her hair as she held the base and took it in, classically speaking. She popped and maneuvered around it letting it penetrate her cheeks and throat. She slowed and relaxed herself letting it penetrate her deep and soon I was pumping her, full shaft, and my balls were hitting her chin.

The numbness began to wear off and her pace became frantic. I could feel it swelling from deep within me and I really didn’t want to surprise her. On the next stroke I tried to pull out but she could sense it and pulled me back into her and she held me shaft and just worked the head with her lips as I tensed up.

At the right moment she took it half way in as my hot load of cum shot out. She took the first, second and third spurts before swallowing and endure the fourth and fifth before pulling off. Smiling with her mouth closed she had gotten every ounce and as my cock lost its firmness she nipped at every drop that appeared at it’s tip.

My legs were shaking as we moved to the bed….

To be continued!

tillerbabe 55F

11/10/2005 9:56 pm

This is Great stuff....i'm afraid some "newbee' is gonna cum along, believe this...and think you're the BLOG slut DUDE! Or..I guess the "STUD".

Both good Titles me thinks!

Lovin' it!

hotiowastud2 53M

11/11/2005 3:41 am

You guys asked for it...who knows, maybe now someone will send me a message!

Of course the whole rich with a yacht thing should throw them off!

I did a lot of studying on you blog HB, tried to do things you liked!

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