Naked in the car  

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10/28/2005 6:59 am

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Naked in the car

Inspired ay another's bloggers tale of masterbating in the car, I set you yesterday to be pantless on the way to work and see what kind of thrill that was and if it could lead to some self-gratification.

Now going to work I had nice dockers on so as I approached the Interstate I slipped them around my ankles so if I did ejaculate it would be on them. I had a sweat shirt handy for passing traffic.

I drove a few miles (40 mile trip) naked without covering. As I passed the first semi-trailer I covered up as I could see he could see into my van. I've always heard that truckers see quite a few people pantless over their trucking careers.

I had brought my camera, so as I got semi-hard (no pun intended) I snapped a picture. Pretty lame shot I thought.

Another car passed, so I waited. Finally I hit a seem in the traffic flow and was going to be alone for a while. I ditched the sweat shirt and got myself reasonably hard.

I went to snap a picture and.... crap, the batteries were exhausted. My cock deflated immediately and I was perplexed as what to do.

I decided since I was working out after work that the shorts would have easier access so I'd get batteries and wait until the ride home.

I went to work and then I worked out, thinking about the trip to come the whole time. I purchased batteries and sent off for home.

I tried slipping my cock out the side of my shorts, but my jockey briefs (for working out...boxer guy usually) made it difficult. I ripped them enough to let my stuff hang to the side a little.

I found a seem in traffic immediately but couldn't get hard. I grabbed the camera thinking it would get me going, but nothing.

So I slipped my shorts and briefs down and again the cool air and the nakedness began to get me arroused.

I pulled on it for a little bit and then got the camera out. As I started taking pictures the excitement grew and my cock really sprung to life.

I found the perfect angle and snapped off about 20 shots.

I really hadn't figured on finishing with an orgasm as the trip to work was so unsuccessful, but I was very turned on and finally set my camera down.

I rubbed the tip, letting the pre-cum run down my shaft. That always gets me as I used to to massage the head of my penis. Looking back at the pictures that's the largest my "helmet" has ever been on film.

I worked more precum out and began stroking seriously.

A car approached on the left, but I knew they were too low. This actually seemed to turn me on more because I could feel the rush coming from deep inside me even as I slowed my pace.

It passed and I took hold with my whole hand and worked it up and down from the base of my cock to the head and off.

The rush paused and then slingshotted up and I came in three or four large spurts of cum.

I worked the excess out and cleaned up just a mile from my exit ramp.

I don't plan on doing this again, but it was one hell of an orgasm.

kelly402005 52F

10/29/2005 8:53 am

AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! Why aren't you gonna do it again!?
You will remember it and will do it again! Promise! I don't do it often, but u know the deal, great orgasm... I will do it again, I know that!!!
Leave the camera at home next time..... take time for yourself!
Better yet, don't even cum in the car, get to that point, go inside and take it out on your sexy wife!!!!!! Anywhere!!!
(i know you probably don't listen to that kinda music, but, the song is by the group, 112, the album is 112, the song is called, Anywhere! Find it, listen to it, you will like!) Might give u some ideas, for, keeping the sex life going and good!

I know u'll do it again!!!

hotiowastud2 53M

11/5/2005 5:41 am

I thought it was you HB....I don't know, took quite an effort the first time.

missy973 47F

11/5/2005 10:02 am


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