My balls in the corner pocket!  

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11/12/2005 5:27 am

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My balls in the corner pocket!

Damn it was a long night.

Bartending had it’s good nights and it’s bad nights. I hated it when it was slow. With a band tonight, there should be people coming but no one…I mean no one came in. The band and the four guys playing pool were the only thing going.

That is until they walked in.

Three bombshell gals whose bodies were only topped by their attitudes.

The smoke from the four guys playing pool hazed the joint as the three ordered.

“Give us a pitcher,’ the well stacked Girl in the middle said. “And keep ‘em cummin’ until either you close or we pass out.”

The four guys playing pool didn’t even see them come in.

It was 10 o’clock, so I was betting on the former. She was very dynamic and attractively forceful in her conversations with me and the two other ladies. I knew the type. Probably worked with mostly men and at a pretty stressful job. The other two enjoyed her and kept close by her side liking her dominance.

I poured a couple more pitchers around 11 p.m. and she turned to take them to the table. Abruptly she stopped, turned and caught me checking out her fine ass. Smiling she winked and sat down to enjoy the band.

I kept bringing pitchers, a total of three went to the table in the first hour. Each time my tip got bigger and one of the three’s hands got higher up on my leg.

“Tilly” the middle girl finally said around Midnight. “My name is Tilly, and I don’t think this place is up to fire code.”

“Brent here, and how would YOU know,” I fired back playfully. She stood up quick.

“Because I’ve pulled meatheads like you out of burning buildings,” her buzz said.

“Nice,” I said sheepishly cautious. “ For all us meatheats I thank you.”

Somewhat embarrassed, she pulled me aside as her friends took on two of the pool players. The band stopped playing and the jukebox was now the only entertainment.

“Hey, it’s been a long day,” she confided to me. Her hand now rested on my thigh, just below my now swelling member. “I’d better inspect that back room for you…”

It was about 1:30, but I pulled her into the back room and kissed her hard. My hand firmly behind her head, my tongue immediately in her mouth. She bucked me some, but I maintained the lead as I pinned her back against the door as it shut.

Her breasts we so firm against my chest, I had to expose them. Almost ripping her shirt off I got it off her and reached around for the bra.

She slipped me by lowering herself quickly and backed up in the small office area. She saw a couch and half sat on that as she went to release her two blessings.

They were released and sat up nice for me to see and my eyes took in the hot feast.

I rushed to her and buried my face in them, licking her cleavage and moving to each nipple. Her hands were in my hair as I fumbled for my belt.

I came up for air and dropped my pants, releasing my cock.

She smiled, but waited. I thought maybe a Blow Job was at hand but she wanted more.

She turn to show me her perfectly shaped ass and placed her hands on the top of the couch, arching her back, and letting me see her wanton smile as her legs spread

Her naked, shaved pussy now was viewable and I pushed against her.

Quickly, I grabbed her naked hips and pushed her fine ass forward, bending her over the couch and my hands quickly probed her and soon my face buried itself in her fine smelling and tasting pussy.

She got up and reached around to pull me up. “I want you now,” she said in a dominant tone before submitting further and bending back over the couch.

I stood up again, looked at the fine prize in front of me.

My pre-cum soaked cock rammed into her without warming.

Her wet, but some what unyielding pussy tore away as it plunged into her. She cried out in agonizing pleasure.

“OHHUnnggHHhhnn,” she gasped as my hands held her hips firm.

I looked to her as I entered her a second time and she was looking back, gazing with her eyes open, yet seemingy shut to any sensation but my cock.

I guided it in and out until it was a smooth, sexual, highway that I traveled again and again. No map needed as I heard my name “ Fuck me Brent! Fuck me, make it hurt!”

I pulled her arching back towards me as I cupped both breasts now, ramming my engorged cock deeper and deeper.

“The band left” I heard behind me. “Yeah, and we kicked the pool players out and locked the front door.” Another said.

Tilly didn’t seem to flinch but they startled me and I pulled out briefly, only to have Tilly reach back and thrust me forward towards her.

Looking back I saw the two now kissing in the doorway. The Blonde was holding the gal with the thick, red lips’s face as they made out.

My cock didn’t make it back into her and Tilly got up and dropped to her knees. She started cleaning my pussy juice coated member, top to the base, balls and all. Every drop of her was now off on onto her lips.

She stood and asked, “join me on the pool table?”

I quickly ran out, pushing aside the two now making out behind the bar, and shut the front shades as Tilly spread herself out on the pool table.

I turned to see the blonde now straddling Tilly and devouring her breasts. Red Lips was kissing her upside down as she stood at the table.

My cock ached.

I moved the gal with the red lips and started helping her undress as she held Tilly’s face and locked down her lips.

The Blonde hopped down and undressed before sprawling out on the other pool table, fingering herself as Red Lips hopped up on Tilly and dropped down into a 69.

Both got very involved and I turned to the Blonde on the table.

She smiled and showed me a finely shaven pussy, with a small strip of hair from the top middle down to her clit.

I hopped up and buried my face deep into that feast. The lips almost melted onto mine as my tongue burrowed into her deep. My nose paved a way and I inserted a finger or two as I came up for air and sucked her fine clit.

I pushed my hands under her ass and started at her taint and hole, rimming her as I propped her ass higher into the air.

I felt two women exploring my ass as it was high off the table. One was fingering my hole, the other taking in all parts of my engorged cock. Sometimes trading off, one’s lips were now firmly planted on my ass, rimming me for the first time in my life. I began to moan.

I pulled off the Blonde and pulled away from the girls, before hopping down and setting my sites on Tilly.

I moved to her, picked her up and set her firmly down on the edge of the table. I leaned her back and she leaned back on her arms as I pulled her hips to my cock and at waist level I began pounding her.

With ultimate leverage, I slide in and out of her the full length of my cock. I didn’t even see the girls next to me in a 69 on the table as we both were calling each other’s name.

The passion was intense and I felt, not just our bodies inside and around each other, but something else. I loved the feeling of having her this open, this wild and this tamed.

I thrust into her, leaned forward and pulled her off the table, her legs wrapped around mine as I held her off the ground. She slide deeper on my shaft as I began to carry her across the room.

My sexed-numb cock exploded with sensations as we made our way to the bar.

I lifted her up onto the smooth surface, hopped up, and pressed her legs over my shoulders before leaning down to get one more taste. Her pussy lips were so ready they joined mines as I had to have a little more.

After that last taste I quickly then moved up on top, her legs now over my shoulders and she showed great flexibility and grabbed them.

Oh my God, her pussy was tight as that position was incredible. I started in and out again and both our screams echoed over the soft moans of the girls on the table.

I looked at Tilly’s face, she was lost in the sex, she was disappearing into the pleasure. The pain and stress of the day was gone and nothing but over the top enjoyment was taking place. She opened her eyes and that did it, My pace quickened and she called out “Brent! Brent! Cum hard baby! CUM hard!” as I thrust one deep, tensed up, and released the mother of all loads spurting, streaming and racing deeper into that hot pussy than I could imagine anyone had ever sent a seed.

I read her satisfaction as I buried two, three, four more smaller loads inside. We slowed the pace, but didn’t separate until the girls were dressed and waiting by the door.

They said they’d be back, but after exchanging several hugs and kisses, I knew they wouldn’t be. I think of her every time the whistle blows now.

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