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11/5/2005 11:17 am

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Multiple times

I enjoy going to one of my favorite blogs to find several new posts on one day to read and comment on.

I think I've been off so long I needed to have a multiple day, more than once, getting in hard again and again.

Thinking back to my best sexual experiences I have to comment on the most recent holiday past. Halloween.

As a single guy this was my favorite holiday of the year. I could alter my personality to fit the costume and go to a bar or party and let myself go a little more than usual.

It was definately the night I picked more women up on than any other as I think the same went for the girls I met.

A buddy of mine owns a bar in my hometown and while attending college I would watch the door and do a little bouncer work as well (some bartending).

I got a hockey mask from my roommate and went back for the first time that Fall as Jason from theFRiday the 13th movies. Having been gone to college all that time no one (but my friend) knew who I was.

I spent the night dancing and drinking (through a straw) with several women from my hometown who were younger and just hitting the bar scene.

One cuttie was really rubbing up against me on the dance floor and we spent the last part of the evening dancing and getting inside each other's constume. She was a dark haired, dark skinned girl dressed as a french maid.

We finally sat down and she got inside my overalls and played with my cock in the corner booth as I petted her thin laced panties, sliding a finger inside every now and then.

They played a set of slow dances and she whispered in my ear, as I carassed her small breasts, "Can we go somewhere".

It didn't take long for me to hurry her off the dance floor and out to my car. I was just 22 and didn't have a house in town, so I took her to a friends house (same one who owned the bar).

We got inside and she immediately went down on me, unzipping my overallas and sucking on the cock in the door way.

She got up after just a few minutes and I went to lift my mask off to kiss her and she stopped me.

"I want you in me first..."

I quickly turned her around and slipped her panties down while pressing her down on the back of his couch with one hand.

My cock feeling cool as her salivia evaporated off of it quickly punched into her wet hole.

Her lips parted and she called out as I moved her, and the couch, about two feet with the first thrust and I fell on top of her. My cock popped out quickly, but soon I regained my balance and enetered her again.

I pumped her, lifting her skirt up and holding each hip now. We slid so well.

The alcohol provided me with great stamina and as I heard her moans, indicating she may have climaxed, I pulled out and turned her around.

She reached up and took off my mask, laughing as she kissed me.

She lept up in my arms, put her legs around me and let me carry her into the downstairs bedroom.

We quickly got completely naked and into a 69 as I wanted to taste her wetness and she had indeed climaxed some. She bobbed on my slick cock licking the shaft and foldling my balls.

Knowing it was getting close to closing time and the after hours party would begin I climbed on top and started fucking her hard.

She groaned and clawed my back as I quickly battered her hot pussy until I came in a bucket load of white cum.

I kept pumping her with my semi-hard rod. SLower and slower until we held each other.

"Am I better than my little brother?" I said to his former girlfriend.

"Hands down," she giggled.

We got up and got dressed, enjoying the after hours festivities before going home. We met a couple times on the weekends but that was it.

I love Halloween

tillerbabe 55F

11/8/2005 12:49 am

hot! oh that is so HOT!! (I will be back!) {=}

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