Drunk sex good or bad?  

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11/13/2005 7:54 am

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Drunk sex good or bad?

Using any mood/behavior altering substance have their good/great effects and bad effects.

Drinking and sex, for me, have gone hand in hand.

Drinking for me and my wife, we have to watch a delicate balance between just right, and too much.

Now, doing multiple shots and binge drinking is never good. But if I'm in a social situation and there is food available, I can put them back at a moderate pace all night and sometimes all day.

This means, for me anyway, I'll:

1) Have more staying power
2) Will engage in foreplay AS LONG as my wife wants it including staying down on her and explore everything down there.
3) Will do just about anything she wants and.
4) Be a little more aggressive in putting her in multiple positions.
5) Be louder, prouder, and talk dirtier.

For my wife, it's basically the same.

But, there's one difference. She obviously can't down as much alcohol as I can. I mean it's 125 lbs vs. 220 lbs, 5'4" vs. 6'2".

She enjoys wine and Friday night she had six of her friends and a new one over for dinner and games as I took the kids out.

This usually means a great night of sex for us. I got back home and it was obvious she was there. Unfortunately then continued drinking and went up to the town bar for a little while. She had basically drank a bottle and a half of wine.

I found out later she barely ate anything which explains why she spent 1/2 the night on the bathroom floor, instead of riding my cock. She also had to work early-early the next morning.

We had plays the next night with friends, usually another recipe for good sex (she had just finished her week and was ready - as she announced Friday afternoon) but she had not caught up on her sleep and didn't drink at all.

Hopefully tonight, but I have a big event tomorrow. I'm plannig on putting the kids down as she watches Desperate Housewives, and maybe candlighting the room for an hour or so of more tender lovemaking. I am going down on her as I miss that more than anything.

I'll let you know how it goes!

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