Dinner with "Wet"  

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Dinner with "Wet"

I came around the grocery aisle and there she was.

Bent down, picking up a can from the bottom shelf, her can was up in the air showing it’s prominence and lovely shape. She stood up and put the item in her cart, the generous breasts bounded in her Cowboys warmup as she stopped suddenly. My eyes had moved up and down her body, finally meeting hers, after she finished checking me out, as we smiled in recognition of each other’s actions.

“You’ve got to be careful selecting from the lower row, might put yourself in a flattering position,” I said, not knowing if that was smooth or really forward.

“I hope it was a flattering position,” she responded confidently (my comment must have been smoothly forward).

“Oh, it was,” I fired back with equal confidence. “Jake’s the name.”

Now, since I don t know your real name wetpantyslut I’m going to call you “Wet” as if it were Sue or Julie. So readers imagine “Wet” is just a normal name.

“Wet here,” she said extending her hand and we shook.

We stood and talked for whatever reason, well, because it was obvious we both found each other attractive. Her eye contact along was generating a pulse below my waist line.

I followed her around, forgetting what I needed and getting only things we happened on that were on my list. My eyes worked her body and face over as we talked about a lot of things.

Over 30 minutes passed before Wet and I made it to the checkout. In that amount of time we had discovered that we lived a couple blocks from each other just down the street from the store.

I also found out Wet was married but things obviously wasn’t going very well. I let her know I was married AND my wife and kids were out of town for the weekend, thus being at the store gathering meal items for the next couple nights.

I set things on the checkout, glance over to see her looking at her watch. She pasued and said, “Would you like some company for dinner?”

Feeling the connection I didn’t hesitate in saying, “If you can handle just Top Sirloin, medium to medium rare.”

She smiled, sensing this was too easy, leaned over and whispered, “I can handle most any cut of meat.”

My cut of meat sprung to attention as the clerk gave me my change….

I watched her check out as I scribbled my address and phone number on a piece of paper.

Handing it to her I said, “Your company would be most welcome.”

She folded the paper over and headed out the door to her car. “Give me a half hour she said vanishing into her vehicle.

I rushed home, picked up and made sure I was presentable. Thirty minutes passed and I was literally standing at the door. An hour passed, it was not 7:30 and I was about to give up when the doorbell rang.

I had drank a few of the nerves away, but they soon came back as I opened the door.

Her eyes hit me first, so full of life as she smiled at me. She had replaced the warmup with a tight fitting, cleavage reveling, camisole that showed the top of her lace bra. The straps strained to keep them in. Her jeans fit perfectly.

“Hi” she almost whispered smiling. Things were on her mind. Fun, wet and sticky things.

The next hour was a blur of flirting, light touches and surprisingly deep emotional talk about her frustrations at home, my stagnant sex life and various introspective confusions all designed I’m sure to clear the stage of any last minute guilt and to get to know each other. I felt really close to her in a short time, we had made a real connection.

She walked out of my living room to the kitchen and said playfully, “are we going to eat or what?”

“We’re going to eat…and we’re going to ‘or what’” I said lowly as my approach was quick and purposeful. She took a step towards me as I rushed to kiss her and begin our feast.

My hands cup her checks as our lips pressed against each other, our tongues and salvia mixed. Long, deep, wet kisses that went on. One of my hands made it to the back of her head and the other to her breast.

Her hands began on my shoulders and moved to my waist as my hand met her chest.

We lost balance and she moved backwards until she ran into the refrigerator. I pressed her hard against it with my body and her arms went over my head and around my neck. My kisses went across her cheek to her ear and neck and I felt her breasts pressing against me as my hands slide to her waist.

With one quick movement the camisole stripped up and over her head, her arms raised and in that instant she was leaning back propping her wonderful breasts up by leaning back against the appliance. The lace bra did not hide her perfect nipples and she slowly dropped her hands behind her back and unsnapped the pleasing lace and dropped it to the ground.

“I’m getting hungry,” she said.

To the side of the refrigerator I saw a basket of fruit, with several items in it and moved to her, kissing her again as I reached for the basket.

I found a peach, very ripe and while keeping pressure against Wet with my waist, pulled away from her face and held it out in front of her face.

Without words we both moved to it and took a deep bite, but didn’t tear it off. The juices flowed out around our mouths. The flavor of the over-ripe fruit was intoxicating and it’s nectar now dripped down on her supple breasts.

She tore her piece off and I pulled the fruit away. It’s meat melted in our mouths and we kissed with the half-eaten pieces swirling between our tongues and lips. Half chewing and half eating we continued kissing and eating the peach. We were each getting our fill of each other’s face and of the sweetly sour fruit.

Swallowing my last bite I made a wet path to her breasts and started lapping up the juice and pieces of peach, moving them around her nipples and through her cleavage. Her hands swirled my hair and felt my neck and the stickiness only made me hungrier.

I pushed her to the freezer half and opened the other door. We had just celebrated a birthday, and in the front door was a half-filled canister of whipped cream. Wet knew what I wanted as she quickly unbuttoned her jeans as I set the can down to watch.

Her jeans and panties hit the floor. I removed my shirt and we kissed as we lowered to the smooth, clean and surprisingly warm floor. I stood to get the canister and she quickly undid my pants and had my penis (Gordo) in her hand.

I quickly stopped her as I felt her hot breath on it’s helmet like head. Smiling I shook the canister and deposited a small bit of whipped cream on it’s tip.

Wet licked her lips and took the head in her mouth. Her tongue danced all over the tip, taking the whipped cream in and the precum that had soaked my boxers. It was good head, but I was hungry.

Her lips smacked as I pulled Gordo out of her mouth. I kicked my pants away and knelt in between Wet’s legs. Canister in hand I wasted no time covering her thighs, lower belly, clit, lips, taint and public hair with whipped cream.

Knowing it could be a sticky mess if not properly disposed of I made my way slowly around her lower body. First her belly, her thighs, never missing a spot of sticky cream.

I took a long time licking her clit, lips and taint, up and down. Licking through her short, but full public hair, never pausing.

Probing her warm lips deeper with my tongue, adding my fingers for penetration and rubbing her delicate lips. My nose probed everywhere, the smell was erotic and sticky and must and delicious all at once.

Her moans were complimented by mine as Gordo ached.

I quickly moved up her body, my sticky face meeting hers. She whispered she wanted to satisfy me the same way, but I held her firm instead.

I looked her in the eye, she was expecting me to say something. The desire I felt didn’t match the wantonness I saw in her eyes. I felt the tip of Gordo against her sweet lips and looked her deep in the eyes and I thrust forward with the aggression of a linebacker.

Her eyes opened wide and shut as her loud moan turned into a cry and back to a moan. I watched as I quicked the pace, hands beside her head, her arms around my body and her fingers digging into the flesh of my back.

I rocked her deeper and faster with each stroke, her pussy so wet and ready it warmed my cock and balls as we slid together.

Her legs wrapped around my waist and slowed me so I dropped to my elbows and cradled her face as we kissed again.

Just with my hips I pounded her fast again, kissing and nibbling her neck and ears.

I thrust deep and pushed. We slid on the floor but I pushed deeper. Her moans increased and I could tell she was shuddering from the first wave of her orgasm.

I pushed her legs back off me and with my knees spread them out, reached down with one hand and arched her back more pulling it up and began to head down the home stretch.

With her legs trembling more I glided my cock it’s full length in and out of her until I felt the storm begin to shoot from the base and with one last thrust I buried deep into Wet’s pussy and came hard.

Wave after wave of hot cum released as wave after wave of orgasm tremored Wet’s body.

I clenched my ass hard as several last spasms shot more inside of her and I collapsed on top of her.

“Nice first course,” she panted in my ear. “What’s the main course?”

To be continued???

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