A wintery prose while we hose  

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11/11/2005 9:44 pm

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A wintery prose while we hose

It’s hard so hard to say as the snow flies

Walking blind, no hope in sight

A light, I think a light

Struggle to the door, I can barely walk. Frostbite I’m sure

In the Arms of an Angel I fall

In a remote part of Montana I’m caught, caught by beauty, caught be a savior

Her house warm, yet her soul feels cold, alone, crying out against the storm

Am I an answered prayer?

Her hands warm me, my body so weak, I’m nourished

Food, safety, warmth and now…. and now… companionship

We share dreams, we share stories and now, we share desires

Our desires and dark, bent and twisted…but around the same pole.

Our experiences with love as cold as the blizzard stranding us together.

Our bodies trained for couples competitions held between sheets and judged my moans and sighs and groans that show pleasure.

Soon I am strong, soon she is hungry.

My body exposed for her I rise to the occasion and greet her mouth with my cock.

Her legs straddle my face as she lay with my inside her warm, wet, tongue filled cavity.

My tongue probes.

I love the taste, I love the smell, I find a hole….one no one claims to like.

Her moans break all charts as my tongue darts, circles and darts.

Clean it up? Hardly.

Her spasms as I tongue her rim, only allow me to think to begin.

Begin a decent that most find most undecent.

Moving her to fours, I line up and let my face to her hot ass

My tongue begins again, finding its way

My fingers inserting now...slipping inside the warmth

the blizzard now forgoten as number two joins as my tongue probes her hot rim

One hand finds the clit...so fast, so quick, the moans are unbelievable.

I eat her deep, I suck her raw, I taste, I enjoy it all

I must finish the job.

I must finish the job

The work load quickens her enjoyment increases.

With her on my lips I come up for air.

Her mouth joins mine and we kiss

Her breasts pressing against my body, lean her back and let my cock rest between them.

The wetness of the precum lets it now slide back and forth as she pushes them together.

She slides out from under and as I'm on my knees takes the head into her lips. She milks the shaft for precum.

She got off my member and the howling winds outside didn't allow me to hear her soft whisper in my ear.

Suddenly she pushed me down on my back and straddled my cock.

She lowered slowly, stopping as my head pressed her lips. They parted and soon she was bouncing up and down it's length.

Leaning back, her hands rested besides my feet and her head thurst back. I could see her glorious breasts dancing as we bucked and pumped, sweating now as I lifted her up higher.

I sat up, leaving her in my lap deep inside of her. She wiggled on my cock as I played with her nipples, gently pinching and sucking. She'd bounce and sqirm as we kissed and held each other faces.

I pulled her ontop of me, holding her tight, nibbling her ears and let my hips begin a feverously fast pace.

This was the position as she called out, I held her tight as I assaulted her lifting her up again and still thrusting just my hips. It was so fast and furious.

I relased her and watched her lift off of me. She then turned around and lowered back down on top of me facing the same way as I.

Her hair fell just below shoulder length as I though I'd feel her melt onto me. Instead I felt the resitence of her hole. She put pressure down for a while, before sliding my cock forward and letting her pussy back down on it.

She leaned foward grabbing my legs as I entered her again adn again.

She slipped off and I took that opportunity to get a little more comfortable for the drive to orgasm.

I slide severa big pillows under her waist proping her ass up.

Her face burried into her arms as I grabbed her hips and and headed for home.

It didn't take long. I orgasmed, pulling out and sending half the load on her back.

We went to the hot tub to wash her off.

kelly402005 52F

11/12/2005 4:35 am

AAhhhhhhhh, man! 2B continued!!!!

hotiowastud2 53M

11/12/2005 5:25 am

Sorry, It was 2 a.m. and I was falling asleep. I'll do your's first when I do the second round!

hotiowastud2 53M

11/12/2005 5:46 am

I hope it's better now, edited it in the morning!

kelly402005 52F

11/12/2005 3:05 pm

Oh my God!!!!!!
You did an excellent job!
So, when does the storm hit!!

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