"What a wicked game we play..to make me feel this way"  

hotiieguy 50M
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8/15/2005 6:07 am

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"What a wicked game we play..to make me feel this way"

As always, I couldn't wait to see her on Monday morning. Since she joined the company, I have laid awake at night dreaming of the day she notices me. My days pass wondering what she will wears under those office skirts and blouses, does she tease herself with sexy lingerie, never exposing the naughty thing that lies beneath. As the day begins, like everyday, the board room is full for our meeting. But where is she? She arrives late, and the only seat left is across from me, damn my luck. Nearing the end of the meeting I steal a secret peek at my obssesion across from me. The blouse today is tighter than normal. I can see the faint outline of a black bra...or is that what I want to see. Finally the meeting ends, I am scrambling to capture the last few comments in my book when I realize everyone was gone but for her and I. I lookup and say, "rough start to the morning?". She also looks up and replies, " well...yes. couldn't seem to find anything to wear. "Well, you seem to have made a fine choice in the end"...Thanks she said....but it's not my outer clothes I was refering too. I think my mouth must have dropped because she giggled. "I have noticed you looking at me" she said...had I been that obvious..."Its ok," she said.." I like that..maybe you could tell me what you like, and I will wear it for you tommorrow..." Was I really hearing this?..I said...well...I am more curious about what you have on right now...

To my amazement she stood up, looking around she walked over and closed the door, standing in front of the door she hiked her skirt up revealing black sheer stockings....and the bottom of what I could see was a sheer pair of black panties...

pussnboots694 73M/78F

8/16/2005 6:58 pm

Rubbing her finger across the thin fabric, she smiled at the shocked look on his face.. I know you want to taste me she said.. walking closer to the desk she began to undo her buttons.. Dropping her top to the ground.. he sat on the far side of the desk.. she was standing right in front of him, her nipples erect.. aching for some attention.. he stood there watching his cock rising with each passing second.. and then she put her knee up on the desk.. in one clean sweep she cleared the desk of it't contents..she was now on her knees.. in front of him.. so close to him he could smell her sweet scent...

hotiieguy 50M
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8/18/2005 4:55 am

he had to taste....as he lean forward, she stopped his head....she lowered her hand slowly entering herself, removing her fingers from her warmth..putting them on his eager lips she lets him sample...so sweet the necter.....no ith one hand on the back of his head she pulls him in....feeling his tongue darting..exploring..dancing to the sounds of her moans....he is so hard from pleasing her he can't help but squirm...sensing this she climbs off the desk ad kneels on the floor in front of him....putting her hands behind her back, holding her own wrists, she says" please feed me"...

pussnboots694 73M/78F

8/19/2005 4:42 pm

he smiles at her.. taking in her beauty.. then he unzips him pants.. pulling out his erect cock.. she watches patiently.. taking in the hardness.. he begins stroking it.. watching her response.. he can see the hunger growing .. she licks her lips.. her nipples geting harder.. watching him jerk, knowing how good it feels.. knowing she will be savoring in very soon.. long strokes.. at the tip is a tiny teardrop.. he whispers lick that off baby.. slowly she leans in.. her tongue licks the underside of the head softly and then she savors the sweetness of his juice..licking her lips she moans.. then sits back to watch him, seeing the desire within him.. he moans.. man this feels good he says.. his hand pulling up and down.. ya.. you want me to feed you with my hard cock he says.. shove my dick into your warm mouth.. is my little bitch hungry.. ummmm she moans.. ya baby give it to me.. she sits watching.. waiting for him.. knowing he will only feed her, when he is dam good and ready to feed his whore..

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