yep-I am ok  

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2/14/2006 9:04 pm

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yep-I am ok

I have come to the conclusion that I am living in a dream world. Divorced, two kids, not a size 4. Who wants that. Just a little wallowing here. Maybe he was right and I am not worthy of a good man. Geesh maybe no man at all. I need to starve myself and giveaway my kids and sell my house to have ready cash available. Maybe then I would be a good catch. Shall I become shallow and less caring and go back to having no self respect? Am I kidding myself to ever think that there is good and responsible out there. Not married and looking to cheat or not some 21 year old perv thinking he is gonna make an old broads day??? And why in the hell is it thundering in February??? The bars suck and I am not a whore. Gee does that make me so bad...
I am tired of reading the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty fairy tales to my daughter. Like any man is going to search the town for the foot that fits the lost shoe-he will stop at the first girl as soon as he kneels between her legs and catches a peek. Besides he probably wouldnt even pick up the shoe unless it was a 6 inch patent leather stilleto. Why do we feed our young impressionable daughters that crap. Some day my prince will come-WHATEVER!!! Besides we all know it is the troll who lives under the bridge that usually shows up first. Then we have to build him up and stroke his ego and try to turn him into the prince we want. And THAT NEVER works. He is what he is-he will always be the troll who lives under the bridge. Look at princess and the pea-does that tell me if I put a dildo under my mattress and sleep on it a prince will come and have a big dick? Or the frog and the princess-I have to give him all I have (golden ball) in order for him to become the prince. I am venting here so bear with me. Then we read these same stories to our sons and teach them that the girls are the givers and the men are the princes' that we cant live without. We will give they will take and we are supposed to be ok with that. I am going to spare myself the agony of writing a fairy tale that is acceptable to all.
I have been told I need Jesus and I need to get laid. Both in the same day. Figure that one out....Maybe I just need to be screaming OH GOD OH JESUS DONT STOP!!!
Ranting, bitching raving horny lunitic rip me up tear me down but tell me if I am wrong. Yep I know I am ok and I am starting to feel better.
Dont even get me started on Santa Claus the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy.....


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2/14/2006 10:41 pm

lol...i can sooooooooooo relate to all of this


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2/14/2006 10:37 pm

Oh Teacher,

We HAVE to believe in the fairy tales--they're what give us hope. But remember, they always end when the prince and princess get married. It fades to "And they lived happily ever after." In the fairy tale, there are no kids, no post-partum pounds that won't come off, no mortgages, no real life.

I have come to believe--and this is still an untested theory--that for many, it is the pursuit of happiness that they want, not the happiness itself. Once they have what they thought they wanted, they no longer want it. Now pardon my next remark, it will likely sound rather sexist to some, but I believe it to be true all the same. Men appear to enjoy the pursuit more than women do, which probably goes back to some caveman role as the hunter. Women are more inclined to enjoy the happiness. After all, we were the gatherers that tended the gardens, which required a more sustained effort.

Don't give up on the fairy tales, just be sure to read--or write if necessary!--the next chapter. (Teach your daughter not to be the only giver in the relationship, and your son not to be the only taker.) Certainly we can live without a prince, or even a mortal man, in our lives, but life is so much richer with one that we go on hoping. Without hope, life is pretty overwhelming. Here's to hoping together.

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