Hypothetical Sex EB, Part II  

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4/10/2006 11:10 am
Hypothetical Sex EB, Part II

Disclaimer: The account provided below of a sex EB that went seriously wrong, while hypothetical only, is a real possibility in a small place like Guam, where apparently half of de population is related to de other half. Lolz. Any similarity between the characters below and real live peeps is merely coincidental.

Upon spotting Uncle Bertie and Auntie Ning at de hotel lobby bar, HotelCouple4Fun (HC4F) perform the expected duty and walk over to greet them.

Him: Hi Uncle Bertie! Hi Auntie Ning! Fancy meeting u here!

**HC4F and relatives hug profusely**

Uncle Bertie: We're just hanging out down here, you know, drinking drinks and, um, u know, relaxing. **begins to blush**

Her: Uncle, wot's wrong? Ur turning red!

Auntie Ning: Oh don't mind him kids. He getz red whenever he has one beer too many.

Uncle Bertie: Wot r u guys doing here?

Him: Um, err, we're here to meet sum friends!! U know, like, people we know.

Auntie Ning: Deym boy! U haven't even started drinking, and already ur turning red!

Her: Ah, he getz like dat Auntie when he's happy to see people he really loves and care about. Isn't that right, honey?

Him: Um, yeah ... YEAH! I lab you guys!

Uncle Bertie: Sit down with us! Have a few drinks while u wait for ur friends.

Not knowing how to politely decline their relative's offer of libatation, HC4F take their seats at de relatives' table, all the while keeping a nervous eye out for a couple that they were supposed to meet for the first time from AdultFriendFinder.


To Be Continued Later, When My Muse Awakes from a Jet-lagged induced comatose state.

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