Sexual Fantasy From Paradise  

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8/9/2006 4:40 pm

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Sexual Fantasy From Paradise

I am on a remote beach sunning myself nude. No one is around for miles and there is a gentle breeze coming off the ocean. I fall asleep in the beauty of paradise.

A sexy dark skinned woman walks along the beach and finds me in deep slumber with a full erection. She stops and looks for a while. She can not believe what she has found in the middle of no were. Her heart starts to race and feels a tingle between her legs. She can not help herself, but to be over come with a deep passion that can only be satisfied by penetrating her body with my rock hard male member. She can not control herself, lust has engulfed her mind, body and soul rendering her useless for anything except hard core penetration deep into the depths of her internal affections.

She slowly walks to me. Quietly not to wake my deep sleep. Hypnotized by her fervor she can feel her wetness running down the inside of her legs. It is too late to stop or turn back. She has no choice but fulfill the insanity that has overcome her.

Gently she climbs onto my oily hot body. In one fatal push she takes every inch of me into her skin tight pussy. It hits me like a rolling freight train. I awake, but I can not move. I am in a REM dream state. My eyes are open, but my body can not respond to the intense pleasure that has wrapped around me.

She starts to move up and down my shaft. She has no idea that I am paralyzed and has total control over me. In her vegetated state of shear delight her pace begins to increase. I am left to enjoy the waves of pleasure I can feel building up deep inside of her.

Like the waves from the ever so close ocean her orgasm begins to build as her pace quickens. Faster and faster, her body slaps into mine grinding me to the top of her with each jerk. The pressure begins to mount within my heavy sperm laden balls. The tension of the approaching climax peeks into the deaths of my mind. I awake from my psychosis and hear the screams of my uninvited partner. We explode together in ecstasy that shakes the islands bed rock and leaves us trembling together.

We can not speak. We can not move. The pleasure slowly begins to fade away from us. I hold my new partner and look into her eyes. She speaks softly telling me that this was the most erotic experience she ever had. I agree with her reasoning of the situation and hold her tight in my strong arms. Dusk comes and we have found new love within each other.

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8/9/2006 7:28 pm

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