strange sex with strangers  

hotbody913 33M
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7/19/2006 8:03 pm
strange sex with strangers

well, i was reading Jasmine179's blog. and i totally agree her about what she said "probably would only do that if we really connected and started a relationship"
well, i had some experiences with strangers in the afternoon, not drunk. seriously, it sucked. not fun at all. well, i respect boundaries and comfort zone. with strangers, i am pretty much not comfortable with intimately touching nomatter how hot she is. from the past "bad" experiences, i decide to look for friends first. not even sexually. friends like hanging out kind of.

about someone who trying to change others. well, what can i say? when he is trying to change others or tell others to do things like you want it, he is actually ending his relationship with other people

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