The Beginning  

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12/12/2005 12:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Beginning

So i finally started my Blog. Kinda like a journal in a way. Guess its a good way for people to get the real me instead of what just the profile says. Anyway lets get this started.

So i just opened up my own group. Damn ive been busy on AdultFriendFinder. Too bad not the kind of "busy" i would like . But anyway, its called Far Nortwest IL Group. I made it for people who live way higher in IL. I made it so people around where i am have more of an oppourtunity to find people around them who are serious about meeting. (psst ok so its also for me too ). I know theres alot of people who are having hard times meeting people, be it no responses or no answer backs. So i want to make a place, an alternate place where maybe they can finally have some fun. And whos to say how far all this goes. single meets, threesomes, gangbangs, orgies, fuckfests who knows. Skies the limit. Imma try my hardest to get it goin. Seems bleak now but in every darkness there lives a light.

Anyway, yeah im out of ideas for today so ill catch ya'll laterz. And remember, let that animalistic lustfilled freak roam free!

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