Bowling and our relationship!  

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6/18/2006 1:44 pm

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Bowling and our relationship!

It has been a while since both of us bowled regularly, but we owe our lives to the sport. Before we both actually met, her parents lived in Georgia and ran a bowling alley in a small town there. My parents didn't bowl but my sister and her husband did and they lived in Georgia too. During one of the monthly tournaments, my sister bowled with her father. This was a time when I would stay at my sisters and would go to these tournaments. It was very possible that my future wife and I might have met each other back when we were pre-teenagers, not sure but possible. Anyway, later when I went to high school, I took up the sport and bowled in junior leagues as did my wife. After I started to join the adult leagues, I began going to a different bowling center. One night there, I saw this gorgeous girl about 19. She came in with this guy that seemed to care less about her and as soon as they walked in, they went their separate ways. I was about to ask her out as I thought he was her brother only to find out he was her husband. It was hard, but I tried putting her out of my mind. In later years, he bowled in some leagues I bowled in and she was there and we would talk but nothing like picking her up. In a few years later, we all became best friends and went places other than bowling. I still had feelings for her, but never let her husband know it. He thought I was his best friend. It hurt me deeply how bad he treated her and he treated her like a dog. During this time, she would accidently touch my arm or put my arm around my shoulder which drove me wild and was hoping her husband didn't see the reaction it had on me. Then, one night when we were over at my house playing computer games, when they were about to leave, she looked into my eyes and she was telling me she was attracted to me. Then, a mutual friend told me that she was in love with me. I then had a decision to make... do I say nothing and let them work out their problems and get their marriage straightened out if possible, or do I tell her how I feel and risk losing her friendship if she didn't want to get a divorce. Anyway, the next day at work (she and I worked together), I got her alone and told her I had spoken with our friend and what he said. I told her I had feelings for her for years. We immediately decided to get married as soon as she could get a divorce. At this point in time, we began a hot love affair that still goes on to this very minute. Many days at work, we would get there early and have some hot sex in my office before anyone else would get there. other times, we would pull over on the side of the road. We continued sneaking around for a couple of years as her husband fought the divorce. Then, by surprise, she found out she was pregnant and 9 months at that! I got a call at work (at this time, we had lost our jobs together and I was working for another company) and said she was pregnant and they were about to take her to the O.R. and have the baby by C-Section. I rushed down to the hospital just in time to see our baby being born. Then the trouble began, her husband started making threats against her and me and said the baby was his. He also said he would stop the divorce. This all happened on a weekend. We found out on Monday morning that the divorce was final on Sunday. We then made some emergency plans to get married sooner than we had planned. We got our blood tests and license and got married the following Saturday.

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8/19/2006 9:32 am

An amazing love story of two lovely people that I personally have had the pleasure to meet and make a wonderful friendship..err...relationship with *wink*. You two are truely great friends and I am glad to have you as mine.



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