I'm an avid reader with an active imagination...  

hotarizonanites 67F
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4/1/2005 11:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm an avid reader with an active imagination...

Hello all you sexy ppl...I am new to this wonderful site and love to chat but it is often difficult. I beg you to tell me some of your fantasies...and I shall be sure to post some of mine...and maybe a true story or two!

The most recurrent one takes place in London. I am traveling by myself and am strolling thru "Harrod's". I am feeling almost orgiastic just looking at all the luscious goodies in the 1st floor food court and as I am picking out some chocolates to savor later I catch the eye of an elegant young man. He is dressed casually in his tweed coat, good trousers and a gorgeous cashmere turtleneck. He smiles and comes over to help me make my selection and we start to chat. He chuckles at my "Yank" accent and offers to be my guide as I shop the local boutiques.

I agree with alacrity and we stroll out to the street and the loevly shops all up and down. The 1st one I decide to enter sells lingerie and my new found friend appears to know the shop girl. He quickly takes charge and they pick out loads of silky delights for me to try on. I am shown to a large and well appointed dresing room with mirrors everywhere and a small settee. As I start to remove my clothes I see the door open and my handsome chap enters. After a gasp I giggle and he helps me remove my clothes...item by item...stopping to nibble ...the silk blouse is off and he touches my full cleavage. Then I feel his cool hands slip under the clasp as he releases my 36DD's and lowers his lips to my erect nipples. Soon he is sucking and biting me and my breasts throb with heat and delight. With a wicked grin he steps back and then asks if "Madame would like his help to remove her other garments". I just sighed with naughty joy and watched in all the mirrows as he unzipped my skirt and lowered it over my hips. The garter belt and nylons beckoned him and he slid a long refined finger inside my wet and throbbing pussy before he released my nylons. One by one they fell . I soon landed on the settee and watched as my chap carefully removed the high black leather heels and the nylons and started to finger fuck me until I came all over his hand. He rolled me over and started to slap my ass checks with his grey suede gloves and I loved every second of it. Soon his hot tongue was licking my ass and he slipped a finger in to my virgin butt hole. I cried out and he told me to relax. I tried to do so and before I knew it I felt some tongue on my swollen cit. As I opened my eyes I saw the darling shop girl sucking my pussy juices with great skill as " he" worked my ass into a hot frenzy.

As I came with rocking orgasms they both chuckled and asked how I liked British hospitality. And did I tell you just how many hundreds of euros I spent in that shop?

PervertedinAZ 31M
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8/17/2005 11:28 pm

I would like to provide you with some young cock. Cal 602-614-2608

rm_jimrussel 30M
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9/12/2005 1:38 am

i owuld love to give you the youngest you can get and do what ever you want with should i say break me in if you get my drift please get back to me

jetzommer86 30M

10/16/2005 10:30 am

19/m in south scottsdale if you'd like to talk im on messenger without the numbers

rm_azcpl242 35M/34F

11/27/2005 4:30 pm

hello baby i would love to get involved with you. I am 23 and have always wanted to experience the touch and well experience of an older woman. Email and I will send you a picture, I promise I am a young good looking man that can satisfy your needs and learn from you.


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