My vacation  

hotandhorny107 58F
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7/24/2005 10:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My vacation

Was away a few days this past week on my first vacation in a few years. Cape May NJ was this year's destination, chosen by a friend that shall of course remain nameless. What a treat. Nothing but sun, sand, great food, and great sex. I don't know how many people are affected by the sun the same way that I am but put me on the beach/in the sun for a few hours and I get horny as hell. Not downright aggressive horny, but the really sensual horny. Teasing, tempting and seductive horny. Stand in front of you and strip, inviting you to reach out and touch me, but staying just a bit out of reach. Watching you watch me while I strip off my (in this case) bathing suit top and bottom. Letting you see me brush my hair while sitting naked in the chair with my legs slightly open... Towelling off after a shower to remove the sand and salt. What a turn on to see the desire in his eyes, watching him get hard with each passing moment, wanting to stroke my sex, run his hands on my tanned body and then to prolong the sensations for both of us, slowly close the space between us and allow myself to taste you from your lips to your slowly growing manhood. Driving you to the point of no return, (as well as myself) I climb on top of you and proceed to f*ck you like you have never been f*cked before........

buzz1ng 37M  
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7/26/2005 4:50 pm

Sounds gretahot and horny!! Also love the photo, you have some great nipples!!

CuteAZguy27 39M
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7/26/2005 5:59 pm

Welcome back hotandhorny107 ! Im very glad you enjoyed yourself in all ways possible.


goody2horny 59M
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7/26/2005 8:58 pm

wow, got some stirring down there just reading. cant view yr data cos am just a std member....really make me think hard (am hard already) of signing up

rm_lucytart 50F
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9/6/2005 10:55 am

very hot and horny, I love it! Wish I could talk him into a beach vacation... he does promise, some day... but it needs to be a quiet beach, where I can carry on as you did. Thanks for the inspiration!

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