I'm such a bad little blogger...ha  

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7/18/2006 12:17 pm
I'm such a bad little blogger...ha

Did you check out the last date... on the last post??? Ok..so I'm a bit of a forgetful girl! Crazy! ha ha! I actually keep my other Blog VERY up to date... it's on another NON-sex-crazed site! ha ha I wish I could tell you all where to find it... but it gives a bit to much personal info on that one. Don't want any crazy stalker types! But the majority are normal I'm sure.. you can never be to trusting.
For those of you who are wondering what happened when we met with our very first couple on this site... it went well.. they were very nice/funny and we got along great. For someone who claims she doesn't drink.. I had yet another glass of red wine before we met (but of course wasn't drunk) to calm the nerves. I mean, I'm a very outgoing girl who can talk to anyone but this was different this time... there was the possibility that we were goin' to get down. ha ha! We did hit it off.. and the gal and I had a lot in common (photography, writing,humor) We all met for drinks at a pub. At one point after long conversations, I had a moment where I pictured myself kissing her over the table... so what did I do.. I all of a sudden leaned over and kissed her over the table. I guess I felt all coy (not sure if that's the right word or spelling ha ha) and brave. I know we all felt the same about meeting. We kissed again when they were leaving. It was sweet. Then our lives got busy...busy..busy. etc. So we'll catch up at some point.

We posted new pics... that say a bit more about our personalities. I work shift work so I'm not always around or online so bare with us! I tend to be the writer of the 2... since the boy types about 10 words per minute... which by male standards is not tooooo bad. ha ha ha... totally kidding.
Take care! Be safe! Be dangerous! hee hee

I'll try to update this soon! We'll see how I do!!

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