What a week end!  

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4/24/2006 10:46 am
What a week end!

It started at Henry's for dinner ana a few drinks, then we went to John and Eva's home in Meadow Springs. They have a beautiful home and a large game room. They had a swing hanging from the ceiling waiting for any takers!
First we stripped and headed for the hot tub. It wa windy and cold so we stayed under water and then ran back in and dried off. Connie, Leslie and I took John to a blow up mattress on the floor and proceeded to give him a rub down. Lucky me, I got the lower half! After slowly giving him a massage we rolled him over and I started to nibble on his cock which was standing up nice and hard. It was so hard it was quivering and dripping precum. Tasty too. The other two were kissing him and sucking on his breasts. (Men can enjoy that just as much as women.) I played with his balls and sucked on the head very slowly, giving him little love bites now and then. He started trying to ram his cock down my throat so I backed off for a couple of minutes, then mounted him. It takes a bit of time to get him all the way in, but it feels so very nice. I was stretched to the limit when he bottomed out. Connie sat on his face and Leslie came back and played with his balls while I rode him. After about five minutes we traded and I sat down and let him suck me to a mind blowing cum! Connie was moaning while trying to fit him in, finally succeeding with a low whimper. Then she started riding for all she was worth. She can be very vocal and she was this time for sure. Good thing they have a large lot.

After another switch Connie was in the saddle and having a series of cums while I played with his balls and inserted a gentle in him anus. This was enough to trigger a huge cum, one that had Connie gasping and twitching like crazy.

In the meantime the guys had given Eva a hot oil massage, Bob was between her legs rubbing his ass and giving her some fingering as well.
The flipped her over and Bob mounted her while Scott and Bryon sucked her breasts and kissed her. She also is vocal and they had her screaming in no time. When she died down to a low whimper they stopped and traded places and started up all over again. This went on for a long time, seemed like hours and she came so many times that she didn't know what was gong on. She was like a wet dish rag!! Then the guys fucked her for their own relief and came, switched and another came until everyone had cum. She was happy but limp for some time. And would probably walk funny the next day.

We finally went to sleep around 4am, woke up at 8 and after breakfast headed for home for some much needed rest.

John and Eva came over for a BBQ on Sunday, but that story can wait until later today or tomorrow.

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