We were blown away!  

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6/11/2006 7:29 pm
We were blown away!

We returned home from Rooster Rock State Park to find that our friends and neighbors had just about finished the RC track in our back yard. What a bunch of super people, can't say enough nice things about them. Still requires some fine tuning but on the whole looks very good. I know that my b-i-l will have fun with it. (As will Bob and

Our week end was nice and relaxing, not a great deal of sun and the temps could have been higher, but we had some good fun and some super laid back sex! Jill is taken by Dr. John and his joy stick, kept talking about how it felt. I expect that they will be coming up for a visit several times this year. Bob tried to take her mind off of John and I think he did ok. At least she was squealing like a stuck hog several times.

Last Wednesday was somewhat of a disappointment since John had promised a different time for me, but he had a meeting to go to so we only spent 3 hours with them. The boys let Eva and I start out by ourselves for about a half hour before they joined in with massaging and sucking and what ever they could find. Eva had me on my back in a 69 when John slid in a side saddle position and slipped it in. Eva helped him by guiding and sucking us both. He finally made it and starting thrusting slowly while Eva sucked and nipped on my clit. I was doing the same to her while Bob took her doggy fashion. Now and then he would pull out and I would suck it down and nibble on it, I love the taste of him with Eva's juices on the cock! Gives me a minor cum every time. I kept having small cums for some time until we all came just about together. Then Eva and I cleaned each other up and we all relaxed with a drink and then a shower and home again. Its nice to have some one that you can play with during the day time.

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