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6/26/2005 2:15 pm

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Sunday, 2pm 6-26

Did not have time yesterday to add anyhting to my blog. We drug the guys around to the antique shops and kept them worried that we were going to fill up the MH with old stuff! Then in the evening we went to a party that was thrown by a couple that we met Friday evening. Played cards, drank wine and danced until 11pm, then home for the boys birthday evening.

We picked up some blindfolds at the toy store Friday + handcuffs and used them to good advantage. Bob and Jack never knew who was doing what to whom, kept the excitement level high as long as we didn't say anything to give them a clue. They were worn out by 1am and pleaded for mercy!! LOL

Its fun to have the power!!

We're pulling out for Anacortes so we can get in line for the ferry tomorrow morning for the trip thru the San Juan islands to Sidney.

More Monday.

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