The heat wave has broken!  

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8/2/2005 9:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The heat wave has broken!

Its 9pm and the ourside temp is 82, a far cry from the past week or so. Feels nice.

Had my MRI on the brain this morning, the tech said he didn't find anything and Bob said, "that doesn't surprise me any!" The tech changed his statement to, its a normal scan, nothing to worry about. Great news so we can start screwing everything in sight! (As long as they belong to our group.)

Speaking of groups! Its such a nice feeling to know that if you get horny you can call and usually find a couple that is willing to help you out.(!!) And no worries about STD's or anything like that. Its rare that we go longer than a week without getting something strange. Takes all the worry out of it, no worrying about meeting and greeting, wondering if the other couple is going to show up and if they do, wondering if you will pass their inspection.

However, on the other hand. If you should find someone that interests you, its taboo! Unless we want to leave the group and thats not someting we're willing to do. So there is good and bad in both cases. We feel that the group is the way to go and doubt if we'll ever leave.

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