Taking a break  

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4/25/2006 3:09 pm

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Taking a break

From yard work, having a Pepsi, and checking my mail. Read some blogs, one of which concerned the invitations that so many of us get from out of the blue, someone we have never heard from. And My pet peeve, several times in our profile we mention that we are in a closed group, do not play alone, and no single men are requested. And what happens? Most of our invites are from single men only interested in our pictures. We do not consider ourselves to be picture collectors, but we will not respond to anyone that does not have pics in their profiles. We turn down more than we accept. (Some people I have seen have over 3000 network friends. We have turned down over 75 and climbing!) Do they feel that the more in their network makes them better in some way? If I accept a invitation I will be willing to chat with them, even if they are over seas. I don't expect to have sex with everyone that we chat with. Its fun and entertaining to chat with people and get their ideas about many different things, not necessarly just sex.

The first item on our profile is the fact that we do not CAM! Can't people read? Yet when we chat with people the first thing they ask is do you have a cam? NO CAM for us.

Time to go back to work. I've been spending too much time today on the computer.

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