Sunday afternoon, 7-16-06  

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7/16/2006 12:48 pm
Sunday afternoon, 7-16-06

Its been a quiet week end, we have decided to increase our group from four couples to six couples so we are starting to get emails from couples that are interested in joining. It may be a busy couple of weeks. Bob and I have decided to let Dr. J and Eva do the first meet and greet for the group, then we can meet at a later date if necessary. Getting lazy I guess. Or would it be jaded?

Speaking of which, AdultFriendFinder has been doing poorly in the exciting vid area. Haven't found anything worth watching in the past few weeks. (other than wam969. She is always hot.) Reminds me of the time when we had Direct TV and Bob had a programer that let him program the card so we had the entire list of their shows for the cost of the basic plan. Had over 900 channels and still didn't have anything worth while to watch! Maybe I'm too picky.

And the spell check is still broken!!!

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