Sunday, May 21  

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5/21/2006 10:37 am

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Sunday, May 21

Bob enjoyed his Birthday evening with three females catering to his every whim. He got a double blow job with a rim job at the same time. Didn't last very long for some reason. Eva and I were blowing him and then Jill came around and while we were sucking the sides she started nibbling on the head and that finished him off. John and Jack then claimed a short session with us and we went to bed to sleep!

Last evening we gals wore our break away dresses to a bar and dance. (The major problem with this cruise is that most of the couples are retired, few younger people. We did get a young newly wed couple at our table each evening which made it nice.) After few glasses of wine and a few dances the men started to gently rip some seams while we were dancing. Had to stop Jack because he was really getting into it and I would have been nearly nude on the floor. He did rip it off just outside of the suite door! Before we opened the door. It was exciting to think we could be caught by some old couple. Might have given them a heart attack. Rather a mild evening sexually. Wonder if we're getting old, only fucked once.

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