Sunday, 9-4-05  

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9/4/2005 6:19 pm

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Sunday, 9-4-05

We've had a wonderful time at the Park, finishing our summer tan and vegging out. This will be the last trip this year, not only is the season ending but Bob has been asked to take a crew of electricans to New Orleans to help with the clean up and restoring power to the city. I'm very much against him going, afraid that he might have problems with the toughs that have taken over, but he said that they will be in a secure area during the night plus he can make a lot of money during the next four months. He is taking three other guys with him, they will split the expenses of the Motor Home so they will have a place to sleep. Its going to be a olong four months and then he will probably go back for several months. Wow.

On the other hand we have had fun. We were all set up to watch Wayne0412 Friday evening, had parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot and had picked up a signal from someone's wireless and darn, Wayne had problems and we missed it. They have just started out camming and are a very hot and exciting couple, one worth watching for. They are 38/33 and having so much fun with each other.

Since we couldn't watch them we decided to have our own orgy! (four couples) Played a made up version of Truth or Dare and had so much fun. A lot of kissing, sucking and fingering went on until all pretense was dropped and it was devil take the hind most! It was an up and cumming (!) evening and we all had our share of each other. Rather like a round robin. Tonight will be laid back, a few drinks and gentle touching will most likely be the entent of it. (I'm having problems coping with Bob leaving.) Leave it to me to be a spoil sport. But everyone had a share of me last night so they can't complain too loud!

rm_bushice 72M
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9/4/2005 9:20 pm

Good luck with the trip to N.O. good to see somebody doing something to help not just ask Why all the time!! Be Safe

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