March, 6th  

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3/6/2006 6:32 pm

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March, 6th

We're finally getting settled in our new house, however the boxes are still not completely unpacked. Got the new hot tub set up last Friday and had our first party in it the next evening. Discovered that it is about three inches shallower than our old one, but its still nice. And the price was right. The show price was only $200 off, but we wound up paying $4500 for one that retails for 8K. (I know, no one pays retail any more, but it sounds impressive to say it that way.) One other problem is that the logical spot for it was on the back porch that has a roof over it. That means no more rain drops or snow flakes on my face. Darn.

They threw in some oils and a disco ball with five different lighting displays! Weird lighting.

Four of us have decided to try sky diving! Must have a death wish. Next thing you know we'll be riding bikes! Start taking classes in a couple of weeks and then the first jump will be a tamdam one. I hope he has water proof pants on because I'll probably pee my pants.

Its been a long week, missing my chat friend like crazy but we're moving on.

Two of our group friends are leaving the group so we will be checking out at least one new couple to replace them. May keep it to three for the time being. How many couples do we really need? Three should be enough for a while.

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