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9/7/2005 11:33 pm

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Lost post

Bob left this morning at 4am and I went on line and posted a long message that for some reason got lost in the shuffle! I managed to hold it together until he left and then broke down. We haven't been apart for any length of time since his Navy days and its going to be hard for me. Of course it will be hard for him as well. He says its a feather in his cap being asked to run a crew of this size. And the money is unbelievable. Oh, well, I'll make it one way or the other.

He told me that I could still play within our group but I don't feel that its fair to him so will not take him up on that. One exception, I may go to Medford a few times to be with our friends JacknJill and that would be okay for the both of us. We could maybe give him a cam show even though he's against doing it. In the meantime I'll just buy a case of batteries.

He called this evening and they were just outside of Cheyenne, making good time. With four drivers it shouldn't be too hard a trip.

This will give me some time to help around the town, maybe the library as a aide, or the hospital or some such. That way I can keep my days full and won't get into any trouble. LOL

Got to watch what I say since he can also read these posts. Not that I would try to keep anything away from him.

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