I'm back!  

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8/28/2006 11:45 am

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I'm back!

Things have slowed down around the house and I'm back for a while. My b-i-l is home and doing as well as can be expected, however we learned about two weeks ago that a class mate of ours also has cancer, stage four, which is not good. The combination of all this threw me for a loop. To add to the pot, an ex friend took exception to some things that I had said concerning she and her husband. I had used generic terms and no one could have deduced who they were unless they had told others about my husband and I! They took strong exception to what I had said so I removed all mention of them from the blog. I was upset to put it mildly but so it goes. The ironic thing was that they had to have read my blog earlier in order to discover that we were looking for new couples for our group. Strange, it was okay to mention them at times and not at others. Oh, well, that's passed and its onward and upward for now.

We have decided on one of the couples and the other one is having a play date this Wednesday with Eva. We have two waiting (maybe only one now) in line. Both of the new couples work at a company that is having a reduction of force and they may be caught in it. So the wait may be short.

Eva and John took our Motor Home to Rooster Park last week end and met up with friends from Medford. Or. Had a good time. Bob and I were not in the mood at that time so we stayed home, took in the county fair one day and took it easy.

We were planning on a bike trip to Dayton, Wa. but they have a huge fire going at the moment so it was canceled for now.

I'm back in the mood again so we may play this Wednesday with our friends that always have Wednesday afternoons off. For some reason day time play always seems so sinful! But its fun.

PS. I went to the Farmers market a couple of weeks ago and met a lady that had a sewing machine for sale. It is a PFFAF that her husband paid $4500 for six years ago. She sold it to me for $200 and I didn't try to haggle her down a bit! Its at the shop now getting a good cleaning and adjustment. The lady said that she probably didn't have a total of four hours on it! We can sew up a storm this winter. Things are looking up at long last. Maybe I'll even buy a lottery ticket. (Got six or 12 good numbers?)

elysianpleasure 47M

8/28/2006 5:45 pm

With all that good luck... I will go in on that lottery ticket with you Here is hoping it continues...

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