December 30, first time swap.  

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12/30/2005 1:44 pm

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December 30, first time swap.

Bob has arrived home after a long and tiring trip, the weather and a problem with the water pump slowed him down, but he is home and we have sorta caught up on some things. I have to give him time to rest. LOL
Some friends and I were talking about how we each started the life style so I thought I'd write about it.
We were on a weeks vacation with some very good friends that we had known since high school, had a moutain cabin with a hot tub and two bedrooms. We did a lot of suggestive talking the first two days and then started teasing about going nude in the hot tub, daring each other. Well, I don't back down from a dare and I slid out of my suit and so did Connie, then the guys, but they stayed under water! But most men are cowards in some ways. LOL
The next evening, after a day spent fishing, we didn't even bother with the pretense, just wore a robe out and jumped in. Bob was sitting next to me, watching Connie and he started feeling around teasing me and getting frisky. Mentioned that he still didn't know if Connie was a true blonde or not. Connie looked at me and I nodded and she said, "Do you want to check to see?" She then moved up to the rim and started slowly spreading her legs apart a bit and then closing them. Finally she spread them wide and she was clean shaven! Bryon said that he was being cheated so I got up and set on the rim and did the same thing, only I'm was not clean shaven at that time. (I am now, all the time.) I had a landing strip showing the way. Connie and I started running our hands all over our bodies and the guys got as hard as a rock. I asked if they would like to see more. Naturally they said yes so Connie and I ran our lhands down to the mound and around over and over, then started to play with our clits. Connie said that it was only fair that they should do the same to themselves. After some show of shyness, they started to stroke their cocks while Connie and I payed with ourselves. The four of us came at the same time!
Back at the cabin we were still hot and went to our rooms to continue. Connie is rather loud when she comes so we could hear her easily. I asked if Bob would be comfortable with themn sharing our bed and he said YES. I went and told them that we would enjoy it if they were to join us and they followed me into the bedroom. We girls laid down and the guys mounted us and started slow stroking us. I reached out and held Connie's hand and enjoyed watching Bryon working while I could feel the same strokes from Bob. It got warmer and warmer until we all came about the same time.
The next morning over Coffee we discussed the things we had done and how we each felt about it. No one was bothered with what we had done. Bryon asked if we would consider taking it a step further and trading partners! After about a half hours discussion we agreed to same room swap and to let any of know if we found that it was not for us.
Surprisingly enough, we started the swap in the front room and never did make it to the bed room!! It was hot watching Bob while he was fucking one of my best friends, watching the expressions on their faces, all the while feeling a strange cock in my cunt, doing different things to me. We never felt that we would ever go back to our old life again.
We have carried this to a different level now. We have joined a four couple group, on of which is Connie and Bryon, have blood tests often and never play outside of the group, in fact never meet anyone in the life style out side of the group. All of the men are safe except for one and he will have the op this coming year so we all play bare back. We never worry about getting any STD's and don't have to wonder about any problems at all. Its a great life.

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1/31/2006 8:02 pm

Sounds like a very good time .

Very sexy story young lady.

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