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4/13/2006 3:07 pm

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This has been a very busy day, checking on my passport, getting some clothes ready (Still have a month to go) but why wait. Undecided about getting a spray on tan. The weather on the trip will be very cool except inside so have to pack flirty as well as practical. They have something like ten restaurant's, six bars that are open all the time as well as 24 hour buffets so I should be able to gain back the 15 pounds that I have lost. Sounds like maybe 2 other couples might go with us, one from Medford and one from here with a possibility of a new couple if they decide to join us. Regardless, we are going to have fun. And How is the World Treating you Today?

If the weather is good this week end we plan on taking a bike trip to Dayton for the weeek end with some new friends. They have a pair of Gold Wings and its a comfortable ride. They promised that they would not go over 60mpr. LOL

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