AFF strikes once again  

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8/31/2006 6:12 pm
AFF strikes once again

Eva is one pissed off woman! She tried to log on yesterday and it came back as unable to restore account. She emailed them and got a dumb answer back so she called them without getting any results! She is fit to be tied. S0-0-- she is using my account for the time being, trying to get in touch with everyone. Like me, she relies on the computer for her information and does not have any addresses memorized!

Beautiful day today, temps in the mid 70's and cool at night, good sleeping weather.

Looking forward to the week end, its been too long for us. Eva says that all three couples are fun to be with so the discussion might be a spirited one as to who not to ask right now. Should we go for seven? If so, why not eight or nine? Comes down to the available space for parties I guess. We could draw straws for who gets to go to the parties! Just kidding of course, doubt if that would fly.

Bob came home for lunch today and I came in late. He was watching wamco969 who was having phone sex! She is such a hot gal, Bob was excited so I started giving him head.
She got up and put a towel down and then set down again. I told Bob that she is a squirter and he got really excited. He was fucking my face when she came and I thought that I was going to choke!

She can be very exciting and hot at times, one of the better shows on AdultFriendFinder.

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