A hot week end, not sexy, temp. wise!  

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7/3/2006 6:18 pm
A hot week end, not sexy, temp. wise!

Its 102 as I write this and its been as hot all week end and will continue until at least Wednesday! Dr. John has been looking at party barges and I think has changed his mind. He talked to a Benton County Deputy who said they were not suited for this area, too much wind and not controllable when the wind comes up. So, no boat for now, darn it.

We went out for diner Friday evening and had a few drinks, few too many for me because I had a big head the next morning. First one in quite a while.

Had trouble sleeping last night, found that my half of the Select Comfort bed had sprung a leak and I was laying on just the foam and bladder. Called the Company and they are sending one out by Fed. Express, no charge! And the store in Columbia Center has loaned us one until ours arrives. That is service.

Trying to stay cool and was browsing through AdultFriendFinder and ran across a couple, stingray41486, that had a couple with them. It was the hottest cam show I've seen for a while. One gal eating the other while the males sucked her tits and played around. I was on my Sybian when Bob came in. He watched for a bit and then had me been over the chair and started fucking me and watching. I was dripping and cuming all over the place. Oh were they hot. And the four were very good looking also. Wow. A nice way to take a break from the heat.

We're meeting friends fore a few drinks, just a couple for me so I'm gone.

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