7-5-05, I'm back!  

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7/5/2005 8:46 pm

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7-5-05, I'm back!

We're at Rooster Rock State Park off of I-84 for a couple of days. I'm back to normal, LOL, or as normal as I can get. Feeling frisky and full of vim and ???? Thank goodness it was the short lived type, that was bad enough.

Had a very nice evening, had two other couples join us for the fire works and it was truly a beautiful evening, great display, the fire works as well as the scene on the roof of the MH. With about every fifth shot the other gals would flash the crowd! Thought for a while we were going to start a riot! I was the quiet one for the night.

Got to the park, think I'm using the rangers wireless or at least someone's so I can catch up on mail and this blog.

Its been a very exciting vacation and we all will hate to see it end. One more day and back to home on Thursday. This afternoon we just laid in the sun and gossiped. Tomorrow we'll do the same. You can see all kinds and types of people here. Few of the playboy types, lots of the saggy kinds, but they are having fun and don't care who is watching. And that's the way it should be.

We saw a fair number of boats with glasses trained on the beach!! Fishing must not have been very good. LOl

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