Why so many non-active members ??  

rm_hot2love4u 49M/38F
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9/27/2005 10:29 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why so many non-active members ??

I would love to know why there are so many non-active members on this site?

Is it because they feel exposed when they go out looking for sex?

Is it that being asked for a photo makes it personal-can be identified as a sex hungry person?

Is it "just for fun" only ?

You tell me !!

HereForYou525 44M/41F

5/30/2008 2:21 am

yes, a real disapointment so far ,

after all this site supposed to be for people who like to furfill sexual disire ,experimenting new stuff ,live there fantasy
i joined almost two monts ago using me female friends profile
did write many mails to ladys who according to there profile also wana enjoy some hot and horny (active)dates ,but i am still waiting
so one day i ask me friend if she likes to try here as a couple and ok at this moment we have vagely contact with a gourgious lady but
then i said it all ,
this is just a reflextion of the F up sociaty we al living in ,lots of BS and little action,
gonna stay little longer to find that smal group of peops who are sincere honnest sexlovers like myself and my friend
cos they excist ,only need to find them (-lol

but if ya a woman

indianpuss4white 50F

3/5/2009 11:54 pm

I have been active for more than 7yrs now...and loving every minute of my sexually active life, all thanks to AdultFriendFinder !

Non active people - could be they are already married now and not looking for anything more. Could be they have moved to another location and just forgot to update their profile.

Could be anything actually....but im only interested in the REAL and GENUINE people on AdultFriendFinder...those with active profiles, i.e.


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